The Skeleton Way

June 21, 2023

The mystical metronome of Skeleton Bay put on a scintillating show of breathless barrels over the last few days with Cape Town's Jordy Maree a standout, apparently slotting a ONE MINUTE TUBE.  

Sadly, the video above is not that particular tube. That one is obviously being held back for bigger fry. Just imagine getting barrelled for one minute? It's alsmost inconceivable. This incredible swell has delivered several days of epicness. It is a happy outcome for Alan van Gysen and the Now Now Media team, who travelled the long haul to work on a new project with Monster Energy (marketing man Ryan Payne is there to surf though not to win his own contest :), which is called The Skeleton Bay Shootout.

"It's kind of an underground 'event' whereby we're giving any surfer here $30,000 Namibian Dollars for the best waves during the swell. Next year we're going big with it. Here is one of the standouts of the swell so far - Jordy Maree.

"It was another unbelievable day on the end of the world's oldest desert here in Namibia at Skeleton Bay. Taj and Sam rolled out of the car in the dark this morning, into their wetsuits and straight out into the lineup!" said Alan. A bit of dosh is going to be made today or tomorrow, and it's looking a cynch unless some of the foreign, or local, imports can better Jordy's incredible feat.

The Skeleton Way