One Wave Wonder

August 10, 2023

Today at Skeleton Bay in Namibia an 18 second bomb swell brought a three-day peak in ridiculous waves. For more than two minutes, this wave broke, and three different people rode it. Video Steve Benjamin (low res due to wifi issues in Nam).

It's been carnage in Namibia with more than 200 surfers, including top dogs Kelly Slater, Jamie O'Brien, Koa Smith, Ivan and Nathan Florence, Noah Beschen and many more, running up and down the beach, getting stuck as the tide surges over the sand spit and generally having a crazy time in the desert.

Steve Benjamin reports up to 50 4x4s on the beach sometimes, and days and days of insane tubes. The sand is not quite right, and there is a lot of wash and sometimes the tubes don't connect, but having said that, people were still getting the barrels of their lives.

Today, the swell peaked with 10-15ft sets closing out right across the bay and only Koa Smith, Benji Brand, Ivan Florence, Nathan Florence, body boarder Shane Ackerman, and Naoh Beschen braved the surf, while 200 surfers stood on the beach and gawped.

One Wave Wonder