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August 3, 2023
SEA SPRITE: A celebration of womanhood and an excuse to surf your brains out this weekend.

This weekend will mark the sixth anniversary of the La Muse Classic, the two-day festival where women surfers gather at Muiuzenberg Corner to celebrate the spirit of the ocean goddesses.

This 'for Women, by women' gathering is more than just a surfing competition; it is a joyful celebration of the feminine side of the sport, where women of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities come together to embrace the art of dancing on waves. This all-inclusive event creates a nurturing and judgment-free space for women to connect, play, and experience the true essence of surfing.

Scientifically proven, surfing deepens our connection with the elements, including the moon and tides, and invigorates our physical, mental, and spiritual balance. It is this profound sense of "stoke" and connectedness that fuels the growing popularity of this ladies' event.

Charmaine Bunting, contest organizer, emphasizes the key theme of  inclusivity: "We aim to introduce competitive women's surfing in a fun, friendly, and easy-going environment, involving women in all aspects of the event." True to this vision, women not only participate as contestants but also hold roles as judges, commentators, contest directors, and organisers. Whether you're supporting your loved ones in the mother-daughter heat, challenging your personal limits in the novice division, or showcasing your longboarding finesse, there's a place for everyone at La Muse Classic.

Apart from the event, La Muse Classic offers activities such as early morning sunrise yoga session at 7:30 am, relaxing in the chill zone or indulging in pampering treatments at the pamper tent.

While fun and prizes are at the heart of La Muse Classic, La Muse Classic is committed to giving back to the environment and community.

FIN FREE: It's all in the directional flow that single fin provides you with.

We partner with Ocean Pledge to ensure that we are the only entirely single-use plastic-free surfing event (a sustainability objective we wish to challenge other contests on!) Participants are encouraged to bring their reusable water bottles, as a refill station will be available to minimize plastic waste. Recycling services will also be in place to divert as much waste as possible from landfills.

In collaboration with non-profit organizations, the event empowers underprivileged women by encouraging education and employment opportunities. La Muse Classic actively engages with children from various development organizations, such as Waves for Change, 9Miles Project, and SurfPop, to help share the stoke and build opportunities for inclusivity within competitive surfing. We also support the Thula Baba project, which equips mothers to care for their babies. Learn more about Thula Baba at

Don't miss out on this unforgettable two-day celebration of women, waves, and community at La Muse Classic 2023.

Muizies My Muse