about us


We are a group of passionate surfers and ocean users who aim to curate immersive and inspirational content (with a proper dollop of fun and a few waves ridden in between) that awakens a love for the oceans and ensures a thriving and resilient marine eco-system.

There is little that is as effective as people who count the ocean as a crucial part of their lives - a practical application of the adage “People protect what they love,” as first espoused by Jacques Yves Cousteau.

Cristina Rovere by Alan Van Gysen
Established in 1998

In 2023, we will celebrate our 25th anniversary of Wavescape, which was founded by Spike in the pre-Cambrian era of the early Internet (1998). Spike later teamed up with Ross Frylinck to launch the Wavescapes Surf Film Festival (2004), which has grown into the Wavescape Surf & Ocean Festival, with the inimitable Shani Judes at the helm.

Our drive

Using a unique convergence between the authenticity of surfing and beach lifestyle, and the seriousness of ocean conservation, we build powerful media advocacy tools for ocean minded entities to widen their reach to find new customers and custodians that protect and promote healthy oceans.

Image by Alan Van Gysen, surfer Cristina Rovere