WEDNESDAY 21 FEB (wind @ 0100) - PERKY STORM





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TUE 20 FEB 0900 wind

As you could see in Chart 1, there is a little storm afoot south of SA, and the day dawns with the first breath of W in the SW Cape, with a mild front due to move across the coast with west winds today.


There is leftover 3-4ft SW swell all around the coast along exposed coastline in the wake of another little system that slentered past the SA coastline a day or two ago, but pretty small. Small east swell in KZN from weak cyclone activity.

WED 21 FEB 0900 wind

The storm moves south of the country and the westerlies are moving up the coast, with the wodge of SSW wind seen busy making some swell below the country. Busters move up the East Coast.

WED 21 DEC 0900 swell

The storm peaked in the early house S of SA and the swell is heading our way as evidenced in that virulent red to orange blob of SSW to S windswell that makes landfall at first in the SW Cape to Agulhas, spreading east overnight into Wednesday.  

thu 22 FEB 0900 wind

The busters gone, and the Atlantic High and Indian High move to their default summer position, with light winds at first in parts, particularly in the middle (S and SE Cape), becoming fresh SE and NE.

THU 22 FEB 0900 swell

Already dropping rapidly in the SW Cape and particularly the Weskus, the SSW swell is running nicely in the S and E Cape and reaches up into KZN even, but only late in the day. Should be super fun in the Cape today, especially for the dawnie patrol with glassy seas or light W.

fri 23 FEB 0900 wind

Air pressure gradients stabilise to bring much lighter winds and clean conditions early in the morning, with a fresh SE off CT and an oncoming E onshore set for the E Cape spreading to KZN.

FRI 23 DEC 0900 swell

Now would be to score some swell action in the KZN in early morning glassy becoming light to moderate miff SE. The swell has gone in the SW Cape and its flat, with the weak nothingness spreading east into the S Cape, with a few leftovers early in the E Cape.

sat 24 FEB 0900 wind

More wind as air pressure volatility seeps in as another cold front that hits W Cape during day, with stiff NE winds in KZN sucking down to fill the vacuum but then giving way to SW busters late in the day.

SAT 24 DEC 0900 swell

Another round of west winds and a cold front looming, with messy NE windswell in the KZN, and the rest of the coast looks like maybe 3ft swell around with soft 11secs, and in the SW Cape the stirrings of a new swell again, maybe 2-4ft?

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