friday 22 MARCH (wind @ 1700) - ocean's alive!


friday 23 MARCH (wind @ 2000) - feisty storm peaks



Day by Day

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fri 22 mar 2pm - wind

Stiff onshores blow down the East Coast, which is messy and mangled. Quite solid 4-6ft+ east windswell that side, with a calm patch around JBay into the S Cape. The SW storm lurks SW of your picture. Weskus flat. Kapstad flat, but you can see the wodge of stormsea approaching SW Cape.

fri 22 mar 2pm - swell
sat 23 mar 7am - wind

The storm moves closer to Slaapstad, but no real sign of swell yet, barring perhaps some disorganised bumps filling in gradually. The High rules the East Coast, with lots of east swell and NE onshores. A weak low over the S and E Cape brings fresh NW and / or general offshore winds.

sat 23 mar 7am - swell
sat 23 mar 5pm - wind

By late arvi, KZN and a big part of E Cape caned by NE onshores while the rest of the Cape has variable light to moderate S to SW breezes and a biggish lumpy storm sea is filling in along the SW Cape and Weskus, but its a close range, messy looking swell due to storm proximity.

sat 23 mar 5pm - swell
sun 24 mar 7am - wind

The NE is searing down the East Coast with a vengeance, and its nasty and blown out, but again, a tale of two halves with the western side mild W breezes as storm influences the weather, with solid mixed direction 4-8ft chunks of ocean. Open breaks exposed and messy and chunky.  

sun 24 mar 8am - swell
sun 24 mar 5pm - wind

Horrid NE to yeast windswell to the East is wild and messy and miff, while the W storm starts to bring moderate to fresh NW to the SW Cape and lank swell all over the show. A SW buster is mustering in the S Cape in the arvi. The stiff NW winds from the storm only really bite Klapstad by late arvi.

sun 17 mar 5pm - swell
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