monDAY 20 nov 14:00 (wind) - DIK PURPLE BLOTCH


tuesDAY 21 nov 07:00 (swell) - shotgun west shrapnel


TueSday 21 nov 21:00 (wind) - another one to west


Day by Day

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mon 20 nov 2pm wind

A big storm slams into Skaapstad and winds gust to galeforce NW. Pumping inland NW winds precede the front, then die off. Mild conditions to the East (the storm moves down, across and away. No real W busters, altho fresh SW ahead).

mon 20 nov 2pm swell

You can see the giant radial arc of storm swell beginning to spray the entire west coast. It arrives as dik, washy windswell in pumping NW. Grunt arrives overnight. Up E Coast, a modest 2-4ft SSW swell around.

Tue 21 NOV 2pm wind

The winds still strong NW to W along the SW Cape coast, with Kapit-stad still mangled and messy. Along the S and E Cape, clean seas with SW to W winds, and a mild buster moving up into KZN.

Tue 21 NOV 2pm swell

Dik 5-121ft + from northern burbs of Slappstad down to Agulhas, with a mangled west stormsea set to almost completely miss the East Coast. Certainly nothing yet, barring existing 2-4ft SW x 11s swell.

Wed 22 nov 2pm wind

Quite weird for summer that we have two cold fronts back to back and more strong NW blows in the SW Cape, with kiff glassy conditions up the East Coast at first, which could yield some pretty lekker conditions, altho S Coast and Kei look NE onshore.

Wed 22 nov 2pm swell

Swell still grinding in the SW Cape 8-10ft or more, and now finally some of the swell has reached around the corner and up the East Coast as the storm passed below and the fetch became more direct. Firing.

thu 23 nov 2pm wind

The storm has finally moved off into the ether, and everything calms down to a panic. Generally light winds. Glassy Weskus. Light NW Cape Town. Glassy landbreeze S Cape. Glassy light onshore E Cape. Light S to SSW in KZN. Onshores puff.

thu 23 nov 2pm swell

The swell finally wanes in West, but still 4-5ft, and a fair chunk of 6-8ft juice pours up the East Coast. This is gravity defying SW juice, solid wild side in E Cape and 4ft+ sets open side S Coast. Could be fun fun fun.

fri 24 Nov 2pm wind

Summer pauses as a High lurks but doesn't push into the West, with moderate S in Slapstad, with variable conditions from a range of patches of low and high pressure up the East Coast with a localised S buster pushing the NE away in KZN.

fri 24 Nov 2pm swell

Slaapstad much smaller now, but still solid 4-6ft easing to 3-4ft, and similar along open coast up the East Coast. Definitely waves to be had but at different times for different spots in variant wind conditions.

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