Summer Dungeons

June 17, 2023

A small crew scored a surreal session at Dungeons in sublime clean 20ft swells on Sunday 5 January 2014.

Not bad going for January, otherwise known for yowling southeasters and wind-blasted anklesnappers and Antartic water. Steve Benjamin and James Taylor sent us some cracking shots of the surf under the Sentinal off Hout Bay.

"We've had a cracker 24 hrs with huge "Surprise" Dungeons. On Saturday 2pm, I finished my snorkelling charters (see Steve's seal diving trips on and got the divers out the water just as the swell hit. I expected it, but I didn’t expect it to be so big or clean!

James Taylor was frothing and was waiting in the Hout Bay Harbour with two first time Dungeons surfers, bodyboarder Bas Koopmans and professional kite boarder, Kevin Langeree. James could not raise anyone to come, and was super amped to the point he probably would have walked around the cliffs and paddled out. The Calypso came into the harbour and we went out to find clean 20ft bombs exploding on the reef, no-one out and although we called the big wave crew, no-one could make it or didn't think it was big enough. It was weird to be out there without the circus all over it. On Sunday, Mike Schlebch joined our small crew as well as Bas’s brother Ethan Koopmans, who is also a first time Dungeons surfer.

James Taylor went out of his way to show the boys the ropes and at the end of the day everyone got waves and a few beatdowns. It was early 2014 bonus. Dungeons bombs in January. A Happy New Year that year."