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Surfing the Air Waves and Shredding the Gnar Podcast host Steve Shooter leaves no sea urchin unturned in his voyage to expand our knowledge of the ocean and the people connected to it. Equipped with a quirky sense of humour, and an ability to draw the best from his subjects, Shooter interviews a range of ocean champions from South Africa, but also the world, to uncover and profile interesting stories and people.

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Steve shooter

Stephen hosts and produces the podcast as unfiltered conversations with diverse people, and create a positive narrative borne of a collective passion for the ocean.

Stephen is originally from KwaZulu Natal. He spent his younger years surfing the Bay of Plenty and New Pier, and skateboarding. Shortly after school he left South Africa, and returned 13 years later. Stephen is a natural born adventurer, having surfed exotic locations he also summited Mt Kilimanjaro at the age of 21 and has trekked the Arctic.

His fondest memories include time with reindeer herders in Northern Norway, surfing Southern Portugal and the Maldives. Choosing to become an entrepreneur over a decade ago, Stephen has built companies from the ground up. He has been involved in manufacturing as well as the entertainment sector.

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My goal is to cast a spotlight on up and coming artists, athletes, conservationists & personalities with a deep love and knowledge of the ocean in as many of her guises as possible. Part of this is to also act as a conduit for the many stories that weave into the counter culture fabric in a bid to steer away from what we call "vanilla".

My other goal is to reach out in a collaborative away to wrangle our collective passion into some form of singular cohesion, a living library of our times if you will.

It's all about narratives that resonates with everyone, from skaters. surfers. artists. conservationists and anyone who cares for the ocean.