When Art and Activism Meet

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August 9, 2023

In this edition of Shredding the Gnar, we explore the journey of Tre Packard, founder of the PangeaSeed Foundation and the driving force behind the Seawalls Artivism movement that is coming to Cape Town in November.

PangeaSeed Foundation is a global nonprofit organization that aims to raise awareness and promote positive change for our oceans through the fusion of art, science, and environmental activism.

Join us as we embark on Tre Packard's story, from his humble beginnings to becoming a respected leader in the art and conservation world. Discover how his childhood spent in Hawaii, surrounded by the beauty of nature, shaped his deep connection to the ocean and ignited his commitment to safeguard it for future generations.

We'll dive into the origins of PangeaSeed Foundation and its mission to create lasting social change through art and education. Witness how Packard's vision took shape and how PangeaSeed has grown into a global movement that harnesses the power of art to communicate environmental messages in innovative ways.

Central to PangeaSeed's mission is the Seawalls Artivism initiative, which brings together internationally renowned artists and local communities to create large-scale public artworks aimed at raising awareness about pressing oceanic issues. Through breathtaking murals, sculptures, and installations, artists transform public spaces into captivating platforms for dialogue and action.

Prepare to be inspired as we delve into the intersection of art and activism, witnessing the transformative power of creativity in preserving our precious oceans.

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