Quest for Fear

Thu, 19 November 2009
(At Wavescapes 2009) Well made and interesting account of how the American big wave riders see Dungeons. Tracks 10 years of the growth of South Africa's Mavericks. Features some hootworthy moments of mayhem from everyone's favourite Hout Bay RIB skipper, Grant Spooner.

Still Filthy

Do you remember the movie Filthy Habits? If you do, you're either old or have a fantastic memory, because most modern groms would look at you squif if you mentioned it, which is a pity because Filthy Habits was an iconic surf film of the 80's that shifted the definition of what a surf film is. Bring on Still Filthy!

This film should be viewed in HD.

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Donavon: Alive in Tahiti

(At Wavescapes 2009)

Fresh Fruit for Rotten Vegetables

Thu, 19 November 2009

(At Wavescapes 2009) Some of the most insane longboarding that will have even the most cynical shortboarders whooping for more. You skeem? Check it out bro.

Inside Teehupo'o

Thu, 19 November 2009

(At Wavescapes 2009) Some pros wear 10kg camera packs to experiment with in-the-tube footage at the world's heaviest wave. Do they succeed? You decide.

The Drifter

Mon, 19 October 2009

There are a lot of surf movies out there these days, and many international mags give one away for free on the cover of nearly every issue. But this. This is something a little bit different. Why? It's simple. Soul. But not the soul that the brands try to sell you, says Jarvi. - Okay, there was a tiny bit of irony there (ed)

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Fly in the Champagne

Thu, 19 November 2009

(At Wavescapes 2009) Kelly and Andy go at it hammer and tongs in this riproaring clash of the egos.

The Glacier Project

(At Wavescapes 2009)

Musica Surfica

Thu, 19 November 2009

(At Wavescapes 2009) Surf provocateur Derek Hynd and Richard Tognetti, artistic director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra team up for a radical experiment that pushes the extremes of their art. Classic.

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