Ryan Payne takes a ride on the Wildside

Fri, 23 October 2009

Ryan Payne had to go for a surfer's ear operation, but he first surfed the Wildside at Seals. Word has it that his ear is healing fast and he's frothing for more. Brought to you by the Billabong Adventure Division.

Wave Riders

Wed, 21 October 2009

The power of Ireland comes to the fore as the Malloy brothers head to the land of their ancestry to give it the cinematic justice it deserves, from a surfing perspective any way.

Another Way to Say J-Bay

Wed, 21 October 2009

Check this video from Sam Page of Jeffreys Bay during the Billabong. Some unique angles, tight editing and ridiculous barrels from some of the most exciting surfers of our time. For aspirant fillmakers, see the tricks of light, panning, composition and editing that gives the subject matter (lets face it, J-Bay has been shot zillions of times, much of it pedestrian) a fresh new look.

Jbay from sam Page on Vimeo.

Padang Earthquake Update

October 5 2009

The guys from Poor Specimen shot this in Padang after teaming up with Surf Aid International after the quake.

180 South

October 10 2009

One of a hot new slew of epic surf films to be screened at the Wavescapes Surf Film Festival coming to Cape Town this Decemvber.

Earthwave 2009

October 8 2009

KIFF AFRIKAANS CLIP: Die branders is efens paperig so dit kan moeilik raak. Daar is nog nie tyd for heroics nie - jy moet net die basics doen vandag!


New Billabong Movie: Still Filthy

The new movie by Billabong Called "Still Filthy" will soon be coming to a screen near you. In the meantime, here's a little preview.

Billabong Juniors - Vic Bay

Thu, 24 September 2009

This third and last stop of the Billabong Pro Junior Series event was held at Vic Bay on the 23-26 September with a total prize money of R103 000. Beyrick de Vries won the event, while Casey Grant won the series. The comp is attended by 80 surfers from all over South Africa. See their website, visit them on Twitter here. Thanks to Silver Bullet for the video clip.






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