Taylor Knox Interview

Lay days are mostly lazy days, especially in Capbreton, a chance to check the markets, scoff a late breakfast, and kick back in the French afternoon sun. The perfect setting to join the legendary Mr Knox, down by the bunkers of VVF, as he talks about; growing up in California, the epic winter breaks of his Carlsbad home, and always keeping a flexible mind.

Boats 'n Pros

And here's you thinking everyone's parading about the lagoon in yachts with hot tubs and satellite dishes. While this may be the case for some, for the majority it's a ten-guy stacks-on in a dinghy; with 5h!t falling out the side, temperamental outboards, and the ever-present threat of a shark attack prank.

World Pro SurfersMon, 7 September 2009

Radio Waves

Have you checked what these mullets are doing with radio controlled surfers?

Jordy and crew road-tripping to Cape Town

After the Billabong Pro, Jordy and crew cruise the N2 to Slaapstad, scoring kiff surf and making friends with the natives. Just check how easy Jordy makes it look to get air-time on average surf. Incredible. 

Gunmetal bites the bullet

Nixon test their new watch by firing a bullet at the casing. 


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Sand-monster glory

It was a dusty old day after the close of Mundaka and like happy zombies they awoke in the afternoon and packed their boardbags. From this juncture, the crew went either one of two separate ways. Either (1) Cashing in their chips at the departures lounge of Aeropuerto de Bilbao and flying home after almost a month traipsing through Europe. Or (2) rolling the dice again and slingshotting back up to Hossegor on the off chance something might become of a mysterious new orb of swell that had drifted into the Bay of Biscay.

Well, good things come to those who chase, and this is the result -- La Graviere, in all her brutal sand-monster glory! While there have been some jawdropping free sessions around the tour this season, it's hard to top something that packs more PSI than Keramas did in July, is more top-to-bottom than Winki was in March, and is a whole bunch less crowded than the Duranbah sessions of February. Hold onto your keyboards as Ace, Whits, Wardo and 'Mr Mundaka' himself CJ Hobgood treat it like an Hawaiian warm-up session (check for CJ's switchfoot pit). 

Surfers' School for Rental Cars

Do this anywhere else in the world and you'd be chewed out and lectured by a fun-killing gaylord. Not in the South Africa, no siree, fun is encouraged to the hilt ... Willsy & Cambo, from the official (they have the hats to prove it) Volkswagen driving team, sensibly took the latest Polo through its paces at Paradise Beach, halfway between Jeffreys Bay and Cape St Francis. 

World Pro SurfersFri, 21 August 2009

Kelly, Dane and Taylor head North East


Head over the Gamtoos River, back out on to the N2 and just drive. A couple of hours later, the Eastern Cape dunes will suck your car into their vortex, offering a maze of roads that snake along a lunar landscape and deposit you smack-bang in beachbreak nirvana. 

World Pro SurfersThu, 20 August 2009

Kelly Night Surfing

The Chokka boats take off from Port St Francis and stay out there for weeks. Close enough to see town, far enough away to form their own floating satellite suburb. Mooring off J-Bay, they switch on their blinding halogen lights on dusk and wait for the stunned squid to helplessly flock to their net like moths to flame. Of course a tremendous by-catch of all this, is that it throws up one of the most striking backdrops in all of surfdom. 

World Pro SurfersThu, 20 August 2009

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