All the Sickness at Pipeline

Thu, 11 February 2010

Jamie O'Brien proved that he's still the man to beat at Pipeline, winning the 2010 Volcom Pipeline Pro in impressive fashion in somewhat inconsistent six-to-eight foot surf. The regular footer who lives within a stone's throw of the legendary North Shore wave, showcased his deep skill set at Backdoor and Pipe in glassy, low tide conditions, leveraging his local knowledge into his third victory at this event and a $16,000 payday.

More Sickness at Pipeline - Day 3

Monday 1 February 201

The hollowest left on the North Shore continued the craziness for Day 3 of the Volcom Pipeline Pro. 

Sickness at Pipeline

Sun, 31 January 2010

Sickness. Oh sickness. Filth. Pure Filth. Every disgustingly apt surfing sublime should be used to describe the ridiculous barrels on offer at the Volcom Pipeline Pro yesterday, High expectations were met after the controversial cancel call on the first day of the waiting period that turned into one of the most epic days at Pipeline. But Volcom redeemed themselves yesterday ... big time. Fredrick Patacchia is calling the last wave on the clip - when Danny Fuller scores a perfect 10 - one of the five all-time waves of the winter. 

Insurfnews.com - Volcom Pipeline Pro - Day One Highlights
from Andrew Oliver on Vimeo.

Sublime African Barrels

Fri, 29 January 2010

Roosta gets barrelled off his pip deep among the pointbreaks of South Africa's east coast.

Surfing Dolphins

Thu, 21 January 2010

Beautiful film by Greg Huglin called Surfing Dolphins. Twenty minutes of footage collected over 14 years (mostly in South Africa) showing how the oldest locals on the planet ride the cosmic plane. Check this trailer.

Biggest Wave Ever Paddled? Hmm.

Fri, 8 January 2010

They are calling this the biggest wave ever paddled into. What do you think? Personally, I skeem that it might be close but there have been some monster sessions that have not been recorded, and a good few that have, that could compete. It's right up there though!

Ice Board Project Documentary

29 December 2009

This is the never seen before documentary of the Ice Board Project including the manufacturing process and the entire meltdown time lapse. Brought to you by the Save Our Seas Foundation and Wavescape.

Sixty40 Flow Pro 2009 highlights

15 December 2009

Highlights of the first event in the 2009 Sixty40 Flow Pro series at the waves house in Durban, South Africa.

Lost Prophets

Thu, 19 November 2009

(At Wavescapes 2009) Follows nine surfers in different aspects of life; from a renegade canyon dweller to devout West Java muslim, travelling the world and getting barrelled senseless. Narrated by Tom Morey.

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