Dik Wednesday Wrap


Thu, 8 June 2017

Here's a short video by Spike to wrap up yesterday's #DikWednesday storm, in which he gets drenched and covered in foam, as do a couple in a car who got caught up in the drama. 

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Hop a Long Bourez


Sun, 4 June 2017

Here we have the one legged big barrel hopper deep in its habitat. What is Michel Bourez doing in this gaping eight footer at Cloudbreak earlier today? Good grief.

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The Zephyr


Thu, 1 June 2017

Love the music and general vibe of this mostly slow-mo video clip of Davey van Zyl and Mikey Feb sliding the light fantastic while dancing with the zesty Zephyr - shot by Tao Farren-Hefer

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Drone Riding in Nam


Sun, 28 May 2017

They're calling it the best waves of the year up in Namibia, and it sure looks like they scored a few days ago in this May edit by Bernt Burns filming from his intrepid drone.

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Slumtown Millionaire


Mon, 22 May 2017

In this short video edit, Luke Malherbe leads the charge, with the likes of Michael Monk, Tayla de Coning, and Dan Emslie during a fun afternoon surf at Nahoon Beach, East London.

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Puerto to Pe'ahi


Wed, 17 May 2017

Follow Twiggy Baker on his path to the 2016/17 WSL Big Wave Tour title, from Puerto to Pe'ahi to Nazaré - the 6th episode of TAG Heuer's Don't Crack Under Pressure series by the WSL.

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May Twirly Report


Wed, 10 May 2017

Spike has put up a surf report covering three storms that he's been monitoring, one for the West Coast and two for the East. Durban is going to get a few waves next week!

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The Hot Curl Kelp Cruiser


Mon, 8 May 2017

In this little movie, find a smooth ride over the kelp with the fin-less Hot Curl, an old-school all-round surfboard shape resurrected by Cape wood craftsmen Cobus Joubert.

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30 Hour Surf Session


Thu, 4 May 2017

Scottish surfer survives a 30 hour ordeal drifting off the coast of Scotland almost to Northern Island before he gets rescued by a Belfast coastguard helicopter.

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