Spring About to Sprung


Fri, 21 August 2020

In this week's Spike Report video for @DiscoverCTWC Spike shows us why it's going to be a kiff weekend in the Western Cape, with clear skies, light winds and cooking surf.

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Three Storms as we head for Spring


Mon, 17 August 2020

In this week's video report, Spike analyses a late lineup of three winter swells in six day, the first arriving with bad weather and big South swell, while the other storms just send swell.

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Stormy Weekend Ahead


Fri, 14 August 2020

In this video report for the Western Cape's "We're Open" campaign Spike checks a big chunk of change in the deep heading straight at us - for a wild and woolly weekend Winifred! 

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Two's a Crowd


Wed, 12 August 2020

Two storms keep winter coming in South Africa, with a week of swell and epic surf. During his video forecast, Spike gets a call from Kelly Slater. Something about a Lemoore surf report?

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Giant Uluwatu


Fri, 24 July 2020

Thanks to one of "our" southern hemisphere storms, Uluwatu in Bali last week got an absolute giant of a swell that had a few (very few :) takers. Here's two videos!

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The masks are off!


Fri, 17 July 2020

If you're not clear why the US has the world's highest Covid-19 infection rate, watch this video of two surfers offering free masks to people at Huntington Beach in California. 

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Updated Upgrade!


Sun, 12 July 2020

The storm heading for us tonight has upgraded! Spike presents an updated forecast for the massive storm about to pummel the SW Cape of South Africa. Packing peak wind gusts to 91 kts and to 84 inland!

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Slab Fear


Fri, 10 July 2020

Aussie filmmaker Tim Bonython works with shaping legend Dylan Longbottom during lock-down, and captures two days of epic barrels and brutal wipeouts at Cape Solander (Cape Fear). 

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Kaboom! Three storms and a Moat


Wed, 8 July 2020

Three storms will kap South Africa with degrees of carnage. In his latest vlog, Spike speaks about rain, snow, wind, swell and a NW precursor gale that may smash some windpomps.

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And still winter holds us in her icy vice. Two cold fronts scrape past us this weekend, @spike_wavescape tells us i… https://t.co/Fs653LgYI6
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KZN South Coast -- Small surf Wednesday despite chance of early landbreeze. Might be 2' max 3' open coast. Moderate… https://t.co/LJ38NswsEe
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