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Thu, 12 July 2018

When Capetonian Kyle Kahn, who has lived on Mauritius and has been respectfully surfing Tamarin Bay for 18 months, asked a local why he hit his 13-year-old son, this is what happened.

The White Shorts are drawing some interesting attention to their jealously guarded spot Tamarin Bay and to themselves in particular by behaving in this brutish, pre-Neanderthal fashion. They picked the wrong guy in Kahn, who is a very smart guy with a very clear, logical and calm perspective on unprovoked violence. He also happens to be married to John Whitmore's grand-daughter.

After they smacked his 13-year-old son right at the bottom of the point (for the crime of riding a foamie board and filming him and his mates trying out Jamie O'Brien style barrel tricks with his GoPro), Kyle paddled to the attacker and told him he was crossing the line beating up on kids.

The local and his mates decided they didn't like what he was saying. Next thing he was being held down and punched. He didn't retaliate. As Kyle says in the video, it's not just about localism. This is thuggery, and it needs to be dealt with. If Mauritius Tourism asks visitors to come surf beautiful Tamarin Bay, then there's obviously some internal conflicts of interest that need addressing, apart from police engagement and anger management therapy.


0 #7 Mrnasiegh 2018-09-23 21:29
Hi Kyle, disgusting incident- Thankfully it did not turn out worse.
Stay chilled bro.

Regards Nasiegh
Robin AULD
0 #6 MrRobin AULD 2018-08-19 21:09
Reminiscent of actions by some j-bay locals. Somehow people regard this kind of behaviour, because it happens in the sea, as not being subject to the laws of the land. Assault is a criminal offence and more people should follow through on prosecutions. These trash should be made to suffer the legal consequences of their actions.
0 #5 MrSpanky 2018-07-14 11:08
Hi Kyle so sorry to hear this had to happen to u and your son. This is insanely sad, specially these criminals smacking your son around, if that had to be me in the situation and checking my son been smacked around, i am not sure how it would have ended up, but I'm glad u kept your cool and head. Stay Rad ALOHA

Clay West Coast
Geoff Johnston
0 #4 MrGeoff Johnston 2018-07-12 16:38
I went to Mauritius 3 years ago and was also threatened by these thugs at two spots - One Eye and Tamaryn Bay.
I was very upset and also angered that a few locals resort to this kind of behavior.
I hope something will be done to stop it soon.
Kyle Otis Kahn
0 #3 Tamarin Bay Surfers beat up son and dadKyle Otis Kahn 2018-07-12 15:08
Thanks Steve. Come visit us anytime. Just check the swell forecast first.
0 #2 DorrienDorrien 2018-07-12 12:48
These so called White Shorts should be prosecuted and permanently banned from surfing Tamarin. They are not worthy of their place in the ocean.
Jacques Ensink
+1 #1 MrJacques Ensink 2018-07-12 10:52
Ive heard stories about the locals. After this I am cancelling my 2 week surfing trip to Mauritius. I don't need the aggravation. Sad, idiots.
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