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Fri, 28 September 2018

This video just dropped of a dangerously close shave for Jem Johnson and Murray Wilcocks fetching Darty Louw from the soup in giant Sunset Reef on Saturday. Well done there skipper!

In the words of Murray:

Saturday was the biggest swell of the year (caused by this - ed) and my good friend, Jeremy Johnson, and I headed out to Sunset early. Upon arrival, the wind was howling and the waves we pumping. As we pulled up, we watched Matt Bromley get whipped into an absolute monster (the same one that has been doing the roads on social media).

It was hands down the biggest wave I have seen ridden in Cape Town. The boys out there were all frothing and absolutely charging! After towing Jeremy into some waves, he took a heavy wipeout and came up seeing stars. He was done for the day.

We saw the set of the day capping on indicator reefs that I have never seen break beforeWe decided to run some safety together for a bit to practise as we haven't been out much this year. We saw the set of the day capping on indicator reefs that I have never seen break before. Darty Louw was lined up for what was one of the biggest waves of the day. He ended up pretty deep and had to straighten out at the last second to avoid the lip and took a heavy beating. The second wave of the set behind was even bigger and Jeremy just flawed it.

It was going to be close. He popped up quite a way from where we were. We would only have one shot. Jeremy swooped in an hit reverse to slow down. Darty just managed to grab the last hoop in the sled before yelling "Clear".

Jeremy hit the gas, and for a second, we went nowhere. The whitewash was so aerated that the ski just cavitated. Jeremy calmly took his finger off the gas a little bit as the whitewater got closer. We gained traction just as the whitewater was touching Darty's booties.

The GoPro doesnt really do the raw power and size of the whitewater justice. But hopefully it got your heart racing a bit.

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