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Tue, 19 September 2017

Matt Pallet can surf. He can also make movies. Here he combines these two talents, with help from a range of videographers, to sum up an amazing year for him across the board.

A little insight: "The video started when I got the clip of the air at the end with the sunset colours, I saw it and decided to try to make a cool video, the next day I got a few clips and then about 2 months later I filmed again in Durban and got the alley oop clip and a few others, but the day after that is when the "curse of the video" started. The last year has been soo much fun but every time I had the chance to film we either got skunked, or I broke boards, or clips were missed, or I would get a fin cutting my arm to the bone or a board hitting me in the mouth and breaking my teeth or I wouldn't be able to film for long periods of time for multiple reasons, I even got arrested for surfing in brown water!? I still don't understand that one. But anyway, thats all my excuses as to why there aren't any clips of some amazing sessions I had this year.

And the moto stuff ... I learned how to ride bikes in the last year, almost exactly a year ago actually, and I started riding dirt bikes in about February, and I fucking love it, so I filmed some stuff in the dunes for a few days and got Calvin to bring his drone for 2 days, pretty hard to figure out what looks cool and stuff like that but I think we got a few cool shots. I hope you enjoy the video. For more go to improperproductions.com"

Pieced together with clips filmed by Mike Pallet, Calvin Thompson and Jarret Johnson and Matt Pallet, with additional clips from Kate Lovemore and Kelly Cestari.

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