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A daily photo south of Scottburgh gives an indication of what the points might be doing on the South Coast. The photo guy waits for a wave to break for best view of ambient swell.

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0 #995 wed thur friRuss 2018-11-14 05:49
So what Wind would everyone like today? How about another healthy dose of NE
Yup we get slammed again today
Conditions are basically very crappy and looks to remain that way all day

We are into neaps

High 7:09AM
Low 1:13PM
High 7:15PM

Holy Crap we actually get a break from the Devil Wind on Thursday
It finally calms down and will hopefully be a more pleasant day for a splish splash
Maybe a small shore on the pushing tide or even a few lumps and bumps and the tide drains later

High 8:16AM
Low 2:31PM

Finally a southerly on Friday morning.
Expect mixed conditions as it swings light onshore later
Not worth chasing tar for a better wave anywhere
Look out front for a scratch

High 10:13AM
Low 4:52PM

Big southerly due on Saturday

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
Be safe
+1 #994 fri sat sunRuss 2018-11-09 07:17
We have a nice four foot swell on the sets which breaks out back into a gutter. Looks ok until you get out there
The rest of the sand is al on the beach. So it’s a scratch
Light onshore for the day. It could improve on the draining tide so keep an eye on it

High 4:19AM
Low 10:22AM
High 4:31PM

It looks like the onshore may ruffle matters up for anything on Saturday morning
Early high is a nobber. Only hope is for a shorey but even that is 50/50
Devil wind tightens the screws around mid morning and pastes us all day

High 4:50AM
Low 10:52AM
High 5:00PM

Bit of a confusion of winds on Sunday with both a southerly early swinging to onshore later
We don’t really want the southerly. We need the east angle to stay for any hope of a decent shorey
It’s a scratch once again
Sunday is Armistis Day. When the Guns fell silent ending world war one.
I am a MOTH and this day is our Remembrance Day.
If you have a Poppy the wear it with pride and remember those young souls who gave up their tomorrow for our today

High 5:21AM
Low 11:22AM
High 5:30PM

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
Be safe
0 #993 mon tues wedRuss 2018-11-05 06:39
It’s a bowl of lumpy porridge as southerly wind mixes with easterly swell
Winds remain light S to SE for most of the day so there is a slight hope of a scratch later as the tide settles in

Low 8:08AM
High 2:23PM

And its back to being slammed by another buster SW early Tuesday morning
The only place – dirt bin

Low 8:45AM
High 2:57PM

The southerly continues to pound away all day Wednesday
Dirt bin the call once again

Low 9:19AM
High 3:30PM

Onshore is back on Thursday

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
Be safe
0 #992 fri sat sunRuss 2018-11-02 06:18
Condition are bit warpy this morning
Swell has dropped off but there nothing great
Take a look at the more protected spots or venture into town and take a look at dirt bin for a session
Looks like a moderate S to SE for the day

Low 5:11AM
High 11:51AM
Low 6:17PM

An early offshore on staurday which makes way for an early onshore
Its going to be race to get a session in
The onshore grinds away all day
Low 6:33AM
High 12:58PM
Low 7:17PM

I have no good news for Sunday except maybe a shorey on the pushing tide
The onshore runs through the night and continues all day

Low 7:26AM
High 1:44PM

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
Be safe
0 #991 mon tues wedRuss 2018-10-29 06:09
The winds this week area going to tear us a new one for sure

The North Easterly is already up early whistling through my window and is going to pepper us properly today
Try a shorey later but expect to blown off the beach. I think even the kiters may sit this one out
High 6:07AM
Low 12:12PM
High 6:22PM

It continues into Tuesday morning
There is a massive blood clot moving past the tip of CT
This pushes up the coast and we get the tip end of it Tuesday evening
It may even swing right past
It’s a lookout for a shorey once again for the day

High 6:54AM 5.31ft
Low 1:01PM 2.1ft
High 7:11PM 5.12ft

Leftover southerly through to Wednesday which slows down around midday then moderate SE later in the arvo
I would say try the more protected spots for a session in the morning. Could be a bit lumpy later

High 8:02AM
Low 2:18PM

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
Be safe
0 #990 fri sat sunRuss 2018-10-26 06:54
Its offshore small but trying this morning
A selective left running along the shorey
Worth a paddle
Winds swing to light onshore later this morning then again to a light southerly this arvo
Try again as the tide starts to push

High 4:21AM
Low 10:25AM
High 4:36PM

Light southerly on Saturday moderating as the day moves forward swinging to onshore later
Still small and not much on offer
It’s a scratch for the day

High 4:54AM
Low 10:57AM
High 5:08PM

We can only hope for the shorey to come alive on Sunday as the Devil swings in early going fresh all day

High 5:28AM
Low 11:33AM
High 5:43PM


Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
Be safe
0 #989 wed thur friRuss 2018-10-24 08:23
No good news once again as well have another Nasty NE due all day
Keep an eye on the shorey on the pushing tide. Its trying

Low 9:24AM
High 3:35PM

Thursday looks like a day with light onshore winds all day – FINALLY
Not much in terms of surf but may be nice just to be out there and enjoy the day

Low 9:54AM
High 4:05PM

And similar conditions once again for Friday
Light onshore all day. Not much surf but worth a splish splash just to enjoy the day

High 4:21AM
Low 10:25AM
High 4:36PM

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
Be safe
+7 #988 mon tues wedRuss 2018-10-22 06:56
Good morning
Just checking - How many read these reports

Its big wild and manky this morning
Dirt bin the only call for anything worth while
Grab what you can this morning before the devil wind returns around midday
Kiters start getting a chubby as these three days are for them

Low 8:25AM
High 2:38PM

No good news as the onshore continues to strengthen all through Tuesday

Low 8:54AM 0.89ft
High 3:06PM 6.59ft

The same goes for Wednesday. Light to moderate early freshening towards midday

Low 9:24AM 0.62ft
High 3:35PM 6.82ft

Have a good one
Keep it simple
Keep it clean
Be safe
0 #987 fri sat sunRuss 2018-10-19 07:20
It manky and poo this morning with many chasing tar looking for a session
Looks a its going to be a nice day with the onshore that is due to stay light
This is because of the fat aunty is cruising up from the south. Try get in a scratch as the tide settles in
Picture the southerly as one of those big germany tannies that carry 20 jugs of beer in each arm. Look at her funny and she will give one snot klap
Well that’s exactly what we can expect early to late evening
One fat southerly serving so hold onto your panties

Low 6:37AM
High 1:02PM

Southerly continues to put us over her one chubby knee and spank us all day Saturday
Looks like dirt bin is the call
Big frothy conditions at the points and open faced beaches

Low 7:22AM
High 1:39PM

Similar call for Sunday as she changes knees and continues to spank us all day
Dirt bin the call once again
She gets tired towards the end of the day and moves on to the next town

Low 7:55AM 1.71ft
High 2:09PM 5.81ft

No good news for Monday as the baton changes hands and the NE grinds away all day

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
Be safe
0 #986 wed thur friRuss 2018-10-17 06:42
Not much on the go with early an pushing neap high tide and a leftover southerly wobble
Could be something down south as the tide drains
3-4ft with a moderate southerly due all day and seems to get a chubby in the swell period to around 15secs

Low 2:15AM
High 9:00AM
Low 3:30PM
High 9:57PM

Looks like a slight bump in swell size and period on Thursday
5ft at 13secs with an early but light southerly in out
Best take a look on the dawnie before too much tide gets into
Wind swing gradually to onshore later in the arvo
May be a slight chance of a second session as it drains but that’s a “maybe”

Low 4:57AM
High 11:58AM
Low 6:26PM

No good news for Friday as an early onshore swings in for the day
An early low is upon as we move out of neaps.
It’s a 50/50 call for anything worth riding as the NE is due to pick up during the day
Kiters are having their early morning shake however this may be short lived as we have a monster southerly moving up the coast

Low 6:37AM
High 1:02PM
Low 7:20PM

We get splattered by a grinding southerly all day Saturday

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
Be safe
0 #985 mon tues wedRuss 2018-10-15 06:59
Leftover onshore wobble this morning
4-5ft on the sets with a light cross offshore early
Winds swing to moderate SE later in the morning drifting to a moderate SW later
Take a look at the more protected spots later as wind and tide settle

High 6:44AM
Low 12:45PM
High 6:55PM

Moderate SW early on Tuesday morning swinging to a moderate southerly later
3-5ft at 10secs
Take a look at the protected spots for a session

High 7:27AM
Low 1:30PM

Wednesday morning may have a bit of an early onshore wobble to it
It’s a southerly buckle but still worth taking a look
3-4ft at 12secs and on the rise as the day moves forward.
Looks like a small pulse moving up the coast
but get onto it as the onshore swings in later

High 9:00AM
Low 3:30PM

So not a bad next three days for surfing
Kiters can start polishing their helmets for Thursday and Friday

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
Be safe
0 #984 WED THUR FRIRuss 2018-10-10 06:52
Good morning

The kiters are loving their winnings and we have decided to throw in an extra bonus day for them.
Yes, Thursday packs in one more hell wind for them to enjoy before the southerly swings in on Friday

So enjoy the next two days fellas
Surfers! I have nothing for you – Go to work!

High – 04h10 / 16h25
Low – 10h15
Winds – Nobbing NE

High – 04h40 / 16h55
Low – 10h45
Winds – Nobbing NE

Expect scrambled egg type conditions as a buster southerly does the bump and grind against a very eastery nagled swell
High – 05h10 / 17h25
Low – 11h15
Winds – Screaching SW


Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
Be safe
0 #983 MON TUES WEDRuss 2018-10-08 10:51
Good morning

The kiters are the winners and take the prize for the next three days
Surfers I have nothing for you
Go to work

Springs this week

Winds – Fresh NE
Low – 09h05
High – 15h20

Winds – fresh NE
Low – 10h40
High – 15h55

Winds – fresh NE
Low – 10h15
High – 04h10 / 16h25

A break from the killer NE on Thursday
Next southerly on friday

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
Be safe
0 #982 fri sat sunRuss 2018-10-05 07:56
Its settled but very small this morning
Well worth a sniff south
Light offshore early swinging to a light to moderate onshore later
Definitely a day to get wet even if its just a paddle

Low – 07h10
High – 13h20

Similar conditions for Saturday morning
Grab what you can early before the onshore bites away at it around mid to late morning

Low – 07h50
high – 14h05

leftover onshore wobble early Sunday with a moderate to fresh devil wind looming for the day
its an early morning scratch

low – 08h30
high – 14h45

The wind from hell puts our heads between the vice and keeps squeezing Monday through to Wednesday
Kiters have the KY Jelly out

have a good one
keep it simple/keep it clean
be safe
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