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A daily photo south of Scottburgh gives an indication of what the points might be doing on the South Coast. The photo guy waits for a wave to break for best view of ambient swell.

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0 #796 FRI SAT SUNRuss 2017-05-26 07:24
Some nice 6ft lines this morning however its poo
Onshore buckle in it
May iron out as the tide drains.
Banks are pretty dismal at most spots so the search is on for something decent
Small window period between mid morning and mid arvo before the SW blows its load

Low – 10h05
High – 16h15

SW remains moderate to fresh through Saturday and Sunday
Take a look at the Dirt Bin or the more protected spots around

Low – 10h45
High – 06h30 / 17h00

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+1 #795 WED THUR FRIRuss 2017-05-24 07:23
Another crispy morning
Some decent lines. 4ft on the sets. Slight onshore wobble in it though
Could iron out as the tide drains a bit more
Offshore for most part of the morning swinging light southerly later
Waves all day if you find a decent banks somewhere

Move into springs

Low – 08h40
High – 14h50

Thursday is looking like a cracker
4-6ft at 14secs
May be a bit of a southerly crinkle in it early but should improve as it drains once again
Light southerly all day
Waves all day

Low – 09h25
High – 15h30

Cross offshore early Friday swinging light southerly later
Waves at as it starts to drain
Still swell around
Waves all day

Low – 10h05
High – 16h15

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+3 #794 FRI SAT SUNRuss 2017-05-19 07:29
What an unreal morning
Winter conditions are here and its finally starting to line up
Tide is against us this morning but starts to play in our favour from tomorrow onwards
Small and constipated early but will improve as its drains
Light variable winds all day

Low – 15h45
High – 09h25

The same goes for Saturday.
A low on the dawnie so get in there if you are on the clock
Otherwise hang back and see what happens later
Light variable winds all day

Low – 05h00 / 17h25
High – 11h05

Crispy early morning offshore on Sunday
A pop in swell and wave period
3-4ft at 14secs around mid to late morning as a moderate southerly moves in
Looks like waves all day. May have to look at the more protected spots to get away from the bump

Low – 06h15 / 18h30
High – 12h25

It looks like its on from Monday to Friday next week

Have a good one
Keep it simple . keep it clean
0 #793 wed thur friRuss 2017-05-17 07:11
Best conditions I have seen since the heavy rains
I was worried about the colour of the water this morning however it seems to cleaned up nicely overnight
A good time to see if and where there are any decent banks around
The odd 4ft peak on the set but still too deep
It should stand to attention as the tide strokes on it as the morning progresses
Get on it before the SW pops again around mid arvo

We move into neaps which pulls a low in by Saturday

High – 06h00
Low – 13h15

WSW early Thursday with a light southerly due for the rest of the day
Too deep early. Take a sniff around mid morning
Waves all day

High – 07h55
Low – 14h55

Nice offshore conditions on Friday
Swell goes limp. 3ft at 9secs
No rush early
Should be waves as the tide drains
Light onshore later which may put a slight crinkle in it

High – 09h25
Low – 15h45

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+1 #792 MON TUES WEDRuss 2017-05-15 07:07
Its wild frothy cold and kukka
Dirt Bin the only place
Or just go to work
Last day of the Hefty southerly

High - 05h40 / 18h10
Low - 12h00

A nice offshore due Tuesday morning. May be worth a sniff as the tide settles in
Wind swings light S to SE later.
Swell due to drop and become more manageable

High - 06h20 / 18h45
Low - 12h30

Wednesday is looking peachy
Light offshore should clean up a 4-5ft face
Could be waves in the morning before the SW bends over and cracks off another one mid arvo

High - 07h00 /
Low - 13h15

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+1 #791 FRI SAT SUNRuss 2017-05-12 07:05
The wind hasnt quite stretched her legs just yet but I'm sure it will as the day moves forward
fresh to strong SW all day. Gloomy and rainy and its dead flat as well
Take a look at the more protected spots as the tide moves out. Swell due

Low - 10h30
High - 04h15 / 16h30

Expect wild frothy conditions for Saturday and Sunday,
SW due to remain Fresh to strong over the weekend
Swell should have arrived
Take a peak at the more protected spots before the southerly grinds away for the day

Low - 11h00
High - 04h50 / 17h05

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+2 #790 Wed Thur FriRuss 2017-05-10 06:10
No offshores the past few days has left us scratching our heads and our left ball bearing.
Today and thursday is no different. Lumpy early morning conditions with a moderate NE due for the day
However we have something brewing down south which is due to reach us Thursday evening. She comes storming in like a jealous chick and smears us with one solid klup and conditions to slap away for for the next four days. Yup she's here right through until Monday. Take the beating as its going to be worth it. Swell due. She hits us so hard that her hand swells. Open faced beaches and points will unfortunately be a no go.
6-8ft rising to a possible 10ft by sunday.
Dirt Bin looks like the call
We can only hope and pray that this swell which is an early one will push sand around the corner at most spots and connect the dots.

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+2 #789 Fri Sat SunRuss 2017-05-05 06:48
Light land breeze but not enough to clean up the onshore wobble.
its about half a foot nigger than yesterday bumping it up to whole three feet.
Tide is on the rise so its going to fill up with nothing on offer. Light to moderate onshore for the rest of the day
Low - 06h40
High - 12h35

A decent offshore for saturday morning which will hopefully clean up conditions.
Still 3ft at 8secs so a bit limp *&^#*+*!y but rideable
Small southerly due to pop around midday. It comes and goes within a few hours. May straighten things out for Sunday
Low - 07h25
High - 13h30

Moderate to fresh southerlyon Sunday.
Take a look at the more protected spots for a session
Low - 08h05
High - 14h05

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+1 #788 Mon Tues WedRuss 2017-05-01 06:56
Sorry my server is screwing with me

1st of May, winter is starting to kick in slowly, its a day off but the surf is poo
yup its small yucky with another fresh NE on the way. Maye a good day to catch if family and friends. I feel a braai and a few cold slurpies coming on.

Expect lumpy onshore conditions for tuesday. The onshore due move in moderate all day. Its a sniff and search for a decent bank. Should hopefully be a bit more swell around. 3-4ft max

The wintery land breezes settle in for the rest of the week. This will hopefully iron out the onshore crinkle. Wait for the tide to settle in then take a look for something. Still small at around 3ft so its going to be a scratch

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+2 #787 Mon Tues WedRuss 2017-04-24 11:19
An epic weekend for wwave with most getting their fill at most spots

Today, not so lukka
Wonky and buckle after the southerly later yesterday arvo and into to today
Light to moderate southerly all day swinging light onshore later

Tuesday morning may be the call for a dawnie before the NE canes it
4-5ft at 17secs
Grab it a fondle that titty for most of the morning
NE grinds away later

Fresh onshore for wednesday and right through to saturday so its a boner for us

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean
+3 #786 wed thur friRuss 2017-04-12 06:48
Conditions this morning are unreal
3ft clean peaks running at most spots
One could find even better waves if you have the time and money to go missioning
Light offshore this morning swinging light onshore later
Waves all day

Low - 10h30
High - 16h30

Thursday is a carbon copy of wednesday
Get on it
She has come to visit and she a looker. She’s there for the taking, she wants you to feel her every curve and explore her every crease
Treat her gentle but spank her when the need arises

Low - 10h55
High – 04h45 / 17h00

The door is shut for any more fun on Friday as the SW turns the screws all day
Swell jumps to around 4-6ft but its frothy everywhere
Looks like Dirt Bin if you are desperate

Low - 11h20
High – 05h10 / 17h25

Have a good one
Keep it simple / keep it clean

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