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Namaqualand and N Cape

Sporadically updated

Cranking though inconsistent long range swell to 5' rises gradually Wednesday to six foot in kiff light S winds in morning, going moderate or fresh S in arvi. Thursday 4-6' lines still running a bit more consistent in moderate to fresh S breezes. Friday swell has dropped to 4' open coast with light S winds going moderate. Saturday light NW to N breeze for a mild onshore bump and small 3ft surf likely open coast. Sunday small to flat conditions with light NW to N breezes puffing moderately bumpy onshore.

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West Coast

Melkbos to Doring Bay

Weekend 24 November 2018

Lekker swell hitting the Weskus Friday with punchy 16 second west swell with sets to solid 6ft maybe a bit bigger on some. A moderate southerly blasts strong in arvi. Some points fire. Saturday clean kiff 4-5' west swell has eased a bit, but still waves. Some north facing lefthand breaks still have waves in the southerly. Mild early. Fresh later. Sunny and hot. Sunday swell down to 3' maybe 4' open coast. Winds bumpy SW mild at first, fresh SSW later. Partly cloudy and warm. Monday new swell to 4-5' from the west again in light SW to S winds, puffing light to moderate SW and a bit onshore. Partly cloudy and warm. Tuesday solid 4-5' west swell continues but the wind pomps today. Fresh SSW goes strong. Partly cloudy and warm.

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Cape Peninsula

Melkbos to Cape Agulhas

Weekend 24 November 2018

An epic little run of beachbreak barrels as a strong 6-8' west swell smacks open coast Friday with punchy 16 second juice. Fresh to strong SSE could be better direction. Muizies kaput in stiff whitewashed onshore. Saturday clean kiff 4-5' leftovers with moderate to fresh SSE breeze. A lot less wind. Sunny and warm to hot. Muizies a bit onshore. Sunday the old west swell wanes 2-4' and dying. A new SW swell gradually builds from 3' to maybe 5' open coast by dusk. Winds straight S light going moderate. Muizies not kak. Not kiff tho. Mild onshore. Partly cloudy and warm. Monday solid swell to 6'+ from SW in light S winds puffing moderate to fresh and strong SSE by dusk. Muizies not terrible in morning early, but blown out later. Partly cloudy and warm. Tuesday stiff south winds blow today, killing False Bay, and not ideal for the other side neither. Surf 4-6' continues but wind not the best. Partly cloudy and cool to warm.

   Western peninsula
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  Muizenberg / False Bay
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Southern Cape

Agulhas to Plettenberg Bay

Thursday 11 October 2018

Crisp SW offshore early Thursday becomes a stiff SW buster, with 3-4' punchy swell building to 4-5' in the arvi. Cloudy and cool to cold with showers. Friday solid 6' or bigger swell hits open coast but winds are swinging S then SE and freshening from mid arvi into the evening, becoming miffly SE onshore. Partly cloudy and cool to cold with showers. Saturday ugh! The onshore kaps you a snotklap of salticracked miffness. The surf is slammed into oblivion, and a solid 4'+ windswell becomes a salt-blasted 5-10ft windsea mess. The beasterly peaks a straight yeast gale in the arvi. Partly cloudy and warm. Sunday lank messed up 2-8' E windswell in continued stiff miff beast wind. It backs off, going glassy for a time over lunch and early arvi, then puffing moderate SW offshore, which starts to clean up the mess, but perhaps not enough, yet. Partly cloudy with showers. Monday a crisp moderate to fresh SW offshore blows and the windsea is easing, gradually getting replaced with a building 4-5' SW groundswell along open coast. Partly cloudy and warm.

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Eastern Cape West

Plett to Port Alfred

Thursday 11 October 2018

Crisp SW offshore early Thursday with fun 3-4' groundswell @ 15 secs for punchy fun before the wind goes like the clappers, gusting a busterly 23kts. Partly cloudy and warm with showers. Friday now the surf on open coast is a solid 6-8' but with S blowing fresh to strong. Sideshore and not ideal for almost all spots. Takes a SE onshore bent from about 2pm. Partly cloudy and cool with showers. Saturday noooit! The onshore winds up into a snotkapped salticracked beasterly blow in humid partly cloudy warm weather, and the leftover 4-6' S swell surf slammed into oblivion. A solid 4'+ windswell overlays the groundswell with a salt-blasted 4-8ft windsea mess by evening. The beasterly builds into a straight yeast gale by early Sunday and its horrible. It's horrible I tell you. Messed up 2-10ft E windswell blasted by the beasterly gale. It's horrible. Did I say that already? Partly cloudy with showers. Monday dawns a different day as crisp moderate to fresh WSW offshores work some magic into a still twisted 3-6ft easterly sea. Partly cloudy and warm. Partly cloudy and warm.

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Eastern Cape East

Port Alfred to Kei Mouth

Thursday 4 October 2018

Lekker surf Thursday with kiff dawnie offshore and crisp lined up 4'+ SSW groundswell running on open coast? Firing. The swell goes an optimum SSW direction and picks up another 20% in energy. Conditions stay kiff for morning and a light NE onshore puffs. Partly Cloudy. Friday a moderate NE is in place from a High pressure to the east, and it's a bit miff despite solid 6-8'+ SSW groundswell along open coast. Partly cloudy and warm. Saturday onshore keeps on though not pumping per se. Still miff enuff to damage a 4-5' SSW swell. Partly cloudy and warm to hot. Sunday the wind smasheds thro at a miffish intense 23kts. White smeared miffery. Lots of soft 1-4' E windswell peaks. Yech. Partly cloudy and warm. Monday honking beast winds lock in with serious overbite. yech. What a nasty run. Not lekker. Swell gone too, barring washy 2-4' east peaks. Sunny and warm to hot.

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Wild Coast

Kei Mouth to Port Edward

Thursday 11 October 2018

A wild and crazy volatile oscillation of windy mayhem in store, with Thursday sick with a morning leftover NE windswell mess, puffing glassy to light W to lunch with a stiff SW blowing in arvi, peaking 20kts in the evening. A fun 3-4' groundswell @ 15 secs builds into the arvi, but camouflaged by a overlaid 2-4' windchop. Partly cloudy and warm with showers. Friday the wind continues as a blasted 20kts+ southerly buster. Surf on open coast is wild and messy with mixed up 2-5' SSW windswell. Cloudy with heavy showers. Saturday a rumping S groundswell to a solid 6-8' chunders open coast, but the moderate south sideshore early gives way to a fresh SE onshore. Further west into the Cape it's a beasterly gale overnight, and it arrives Kei side late Saturday and into Sunday, which is awash with humping NE beast wind onshores. A mixed up 3-6ft S and SE and NE windswell and groundswell makes it hard to tell the wood for the trees. Partly cloudy with showers. Monday the NE effect dies off as a crisp W blows in the west, or a light variable east puffs in the east. A solid 4' SE swell is solid 6-7' by evening. Partly cloudy and warm with showers.

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KZN South Coast

Port Edward to Amanzimtoti

Thursday 11 October 2018

Weather volatility in store as the heat of a new summer mixes with the dwindling coolness of winter. Thursday sick with stiff morning NE beast wind onshore. This gives way to a late crisp SW switch, but only after dark or at dusk. Lots of mangled mixed up swell. Partly cloudy and warm with showers. Friday the SW offshore has overnight become a stiff S sideshore wind. By arvi, it freshens into a blasted 20kts+ southerly buster. A mixed up 3-5ft S and SE and NE windswell and groundswell cocktail makes it hard to tell the wood for the trees. Not big. Cloudy with heavy showers. Saturday A DIK new south swell has made landfall, sadly wasted for the most part by the wind. Expect solid 6-8' sets open coast. The fresh S winds dwindles all day, becoming moderate SSE by evening. Showers continue. Sunday starts mild and cleanish, but a NE beasterly on the way, building into a nominally blown out fresh NE onshore. The S groundswell has died off into more of a windswell 3-5' from the south, and it's slowly going more SSE as a twirly SE of Durban starts to send new swell. Partly cloudy with showers. Monday the new swell begins to shows its colours. Solid 4-5' sets in the morning build to solid 6' by arvi, with some bigger sets. Winds however are light to moderate onshore and it doesn't look great. Partly cloudy and warm with light showers.

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Durban and surrounds

Amanzimtoti to Ballito Bay

Wednesday 3 October 2018

Good grief. An updated surf report? Are you kidding? Wednesday sees the effects of a pumping S buster, with 6ft+ windwell wash blasting open shores, and a 2-4' swell bending in town, depending on how far past North you go. Anyway, the wind has too much S in it to be firing, and it's strong, and and and. The surf gets smaller by about a third down the coast as day wears on, but goes more SSE in direction so waves continue in town. The wind eases, still strong SSW by evening tho. Cool and raining. Thursday a 2-4' leftover SE swell all over, 2-3' townside. Winds fresh SSW easing to moderate SE. Partly cloudy. Showers. Friday a new long range S groundswell brings 4' lines to points down the coast, 2-3' by Snake Park and lekker awesome clean early. A light NE puffs moderate to miffd. Sunny. Warm. Saturday similar surf down the coast, if a little softer, with okay dawnie, but the beasterly set to blow harder today. Town 1-2' and clean early, moderate to fresh onshore later. Sunny and warm. Sunday humid and hot and partly cloudy as a nasty little beasterly klaps it from early.

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KZN Far North Coast

Ballito Bay to north of Zwinkazi

Weekend 8 September 2018

A stiff NE to N howling beasterly cross onshore hammers Friday and a messy 1-4' windswell sea is the best you'll see. Scattered showers. Saturday fresh N winds blow down towards an upcoming buster. It rains quite hard. In arvi, the winds ease away tho not really helping a wishy washy 2-5' onshore sea, and then a strong S buster smacks thro into the evening, pumping all night and howling Sunday ripping galeforce and pomping gusts to 40kts and there's a fair bit of carnage as a solid 10ft windswell builds upon open shores. Partly cloudy with showers. Cooler. Monday the buster still busting, but easing, while the swell has eased back to perhaps 6-8' or bigger open coast. Partly cloudy and cool to warm with showers. Tuesday calm day with variable breezes, tho strong NE onshore in south by debben. A mild onshore worsens in arvi. There might be a bit of 4' SE swell about. Sunny and warm. Spring is back.

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