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Namaqualand and N Cape

Sporadically updated

Cranking though inconsistent long range swell to 5' rises gradually Wednesday to six foot in kiff light S winds in morning, going moderate or fresh S in arvi. Thursday 4-6' lines still running a bit more consistent in moderate to fresh S breezes. Friday swell has dropped to 4' open coast with light S winds going moderate. Saturday light NW to N breeze for a mild onshore bump and small 3ft surf likely open coast. Sunday small to flat conditions with light NW to N breezes puffing moderately bumpy onshore.

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West Coast

Melkbos to Doring Bay


Tuesday 8 October 2019

Wednesday a proper fat 6-8' groundswell pumps thro, building to a solid 10ft on open coast in stiff strong summer southerlies. Partly cloudy and cold becoming warm. Thursday cooking! The swell is 8-10ft solid and a soft SE offshore crisps it into brushed lines. Calm moments mid morning before a miff southerly sideshore stinger winds up. Sunny and warm to almost hot Dot. Friday still lank swell, tho smaller 4-6' and nice west direction. Winds again good early, tho slight S in the SSE pumping S later again. Early birds. Partly cloud and warm going hot. Saturday and still the swell pours thro 6' solid and nice west. Fresh S winds are up early, shtonking later. Partly cloudy and warm to almost hot. Sunday finally surf has eased but still solid 4' or a bit more early, but easing all day, in moderate SSE early going moderate to fresh but lighter S winds this time. Sunny and hot.

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Cape Peninsula

Melkbos to Cape Agulhas


Tuesday 8 October 2019

A right rogering arrives to add huge humps to hump day Wednesday - it's properly 10ft going on 15ft by afternoon, with bigger ones on the bommie deepwater reefs. However, a stiff to miff S wind pumps from early. This kills False Bay, awash in 3-4' salty tears. Partly cloudy and cool to warm. Thursday cooks on the beachies, with icy peagreen tubes curling over your shaggy pip as 8ft sets crack upon the banks. A crisp fresh SE offshore brushes it beautifully. The 8am low ain't bad either. A frisk S wind kills it later. Muizies is dead all day. Partly cloudy and warm. Friday lank swell smaller 6-8' and nice west direction with okay to fair SSE sort of offshores early, but more S today, and puffs fresh S later. Muizies still sad and onshore. Partly cloud and warm. Saturday plenty swell still 6' solid with SSE winds again early, stiff S later. Partly cloudy and warm. Sunday the SE has howled overnight. The water is icy. The surf has eased, but still fighting 4-5' into the teeth of a moerse soutie yeaster. Muizies? Nooooooooo. Sunny and hot.

West Peninsula
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Muizenberg / False Bay
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Southern Cape

Cape Agulhas to Plett


Wednesday 2 October 2019

Thursday sees south swell to 5 ft hitting open coast in leftover sickly yeast wind onshore, but looking better and better all day. By 5pm, for instance, wind shows 3kts SE. So it glasses off. Swell waning all day tho, so its 3ft just as conditions improve. Not the worst tho. Partly cloudy and warm. Friday a stiff buster smacks thro, bringing white capped seas and a building windswell, small to flat at first. By early arvi, a few sets (dogeared and fleabitten in the brisk breeze) make landfall open coast to 4-5', taking on a groundswell grunt by evening (some solid 6ft sets). Wind too strong. Partly cloudy and warm. Saturday cha bra! Crunchy groundswell with 6 if not 8ft pounding glassy open shores, with no wind early, or a light landbreeze. Lekker! Light onshores later bode well for a day of spaghetti arms. Sunny and warm. Sunday yes! Kiff 4-6' surf open coast in clean moderate W offshore, crisp and brushed into offshore lekkerness. Offshore goes light SW later. Could just be epic! Partly cloudy and warm. Monday still the factory delivers swell packages to 5' if not 6' with slight boost to the juice. Winds stay moderate kiff offshore. Yebo Yes! Partly cloudy with strong showers.

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Eastern Cape West

Plett to Port Alfred


Wednesday 2 October 2019

And so it came to pass, that that yucky yeasterly onshore saltcrack had pounded the Wednesday ramparts. There was wailing. There was gnashing. There was a soft whimper into Rick Krispies as that sea wind mewled its sodium chloride lament. All this anguish came upon us with the knowledge of a solid 4-6 fit southerly groundswell that smeared and sputtered to shore. Partly cloudy and warm. But Thursday came! It was joyous! The poophal laughed. They cried. They farted a bit, as a moderate west offshore brushed back the swell. But it soon turned to tears. They saw that the swell had waned. Only a piddly 3' puny-swell remained. Partly cloudy and warm. Friday then a stiff buster W smacked what should have been a wonderful building but only arriving in the late arvi to evening 6 if not 7ft pounding gutswell. It was pandemonium as the lunatics rioted on the main street. The white caps were wild. They were woolly. The constabulary was stretched. Partly cloudy it was, and warm too. Saturday but then all was forgiven! The poophal convulsed with guffaws of sheer delight as proper 6ft gruntswell ground upon the open shore. The winds were wonderful. Wistful and mildly devilish from the NW they made the sea into a cathedral of hope as line upon line marched through the door. Calm it was for many hours in the morn before Sir Beastly cut the offshore's head right off. Sunny and warm. Sunday cooked 6ft and offshore. All day. And everyone cried. With joy. Partly cloudy and warm with showers.

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Eastern Cape East

Port Alfred to Kei Mouth


Friday 20 September 2019

A horrible leftover beasterly kills off Friday although the west switch will come through in the arvi, from about 3 or 4pm or so. Too late she cried. Plensh solid 3-5' NE windswell or bigger. Partly cloudy and hot. Saturday a moderate crisp W offshore and building 6ft or bigger SW swell suggests good waves today. Offshore lasts all morning, slowly easing to glassy and calm or light variable S to SE. Lekker! Partly cloudy with showers. Sunday a new gruntswell is shunted ashore by a big fat SW buster, whipping white caps with alacrity. It's 20kts+ smashing thro to neargale 30kt gusts in arvi. A lot of 3-5' SE windswell mixed into the groundswell. Wild and woolly and washy Winnifred. Partly cloudy and cool with showers. Monday cooks bru! Proper 6-8ft surf (slowly easing) in crisp offshore W. Naaas! Partly cloudy and cool with showers. Tuesday 3-4' inconsistent west swell in kiff SW offshore. Wind goes strong S later so get in early. Partly cloudy and cool with showers.

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Wild Coast

Kei Mouth to Port Edward


Monday 1 July 2019

Calm start with kiff 4-5' surf Monday gives way to a stiff WSW buster that smacks across your bow. A mixed windswell starts to smear over the groundswell especially late in day. Partly cloudy and warm. Tuesday pumping SW still in morning, easing all day. Arvi could be fun 3-5'. Sunny and warm. Wednesday a new buster thro. More white caps. More messy seas driven sideways up the coast. Surf has jacked to 8ft solid. Watch wind ease, which might open up opportunities. Wild and woolly conditions likely though. Too much swell. A bit too much wind. Might also swing a bit South later. Sunny and warm. Thursday surf looks 4-5' open coast, but stiff N winds due. This is the air sucking southwards towards oncoming storms. Sunny and warm. Friday boom! The cold front hits with a vengeance. Pumps a SW gale. Seas heave-ho. A giant swell to 15-18ft fills in during arvi. Heavy days! Sunday goes NUCLEAR!

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KZN South Coast

Port Edward to Amanzimtoti


Wedneday 18 September 2019

A stiff beasterly onshore builds fast Thursday after a wobbly landbreeze: mangled miffness ensues. Partly cloudy and warm with showers. A two day stint of summer kakkery includes Friday when a ripping beast wind to a neargale keeps the morning sickness sobbing salty tears with skanky skunkery, windswell 2-6ft. Partly cloudy and warm to hot. Saturday lots of windswell from E to NE direction and a new groundswell 4' may be hiding beneath the prioritised overlay. Clean light landbreezes going glassy to light variable. Nice seas. Could be fun. Partly cloudy and warm. Sunday glassy dawn. Fun waves with a bit of groundswell about. Could be kiff four feet. Then a stiff W buster smacks after brekkie, so make hay early. Cloudy and warm with showers. Monday is the middle day in a three-day spate of pumping SW busters. Blows a GALE later. Partly cloudy and cool with showers.

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Durban and surrounds

Amanzimtoti to Ballito Bay


Wedneday 18 September 2019

Cleanish start Thursday dissolves into a wobbly onshore, fresh later. Small to flat. Partly cloudy and warm with showers. A two day stint of summer kakkery includes Friday when a ripping beast wind to a neargale keeps the morning sickness sobbing salty tears with skanky skunkery, windswell 2-5ft. Partly cloudy and warm to hot. Saturday lots of windswell and a miff morning sickness goes glassy and clean. Could be 3-4' east peaks with lotsa lefts, with a few waves to possibly 4' down the coast hiding beneath the prioritised overlay of windswell. Partly cloudy and warm. Sunday glassy dawn. Fun waves with a bit more 2-4' east windswell about. Could be kiff four feet down the coast. Then a stiff W buster smacks after brekkie, so make hay on open coast early, but stays fun in town, in fact, straightens out a bit. Cloudy and warm with showers. Monday is the middle day in a three-day spate of pumping SW busters. Blows NEARGALE later. Town a bit windbitten. Cloudy and cool with showers.

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KZN Far North Coast

Ballito Bay to Richards Bay


Friday 30 August 2019

While a SW buster in the south eases all of Friday up this side looks fresh N to NW but also easing, going light crisp offshore. This bodes well for the general 4-5' SSW swell x 15 second punch. Could be fun in the arvi. Partly cloudy and warm with showers. Saturday a fresh N blows in the morning, sucking down from the local High towards an upcoming low pressure system and buster, which arrives with neargale ferocity in mid to late arvi, pumping into the night. Swell options zip to zero. Null and not mooi. Partly cloudy and cool to warm with showers. Sunday the buster blows hard SSW to S still, but eases all day. Solid swell around, with 6ft+ surf on open coast. The breeze a little too sideshore for epic conditions, but there are spots that might handle. Sunny and warm. Monday fun on open coast in loverly conditions. Light landbreeze, then light variable SE and / or glassy. Should be lekker 3-4'. Bumpy onshore later. Partly cloudy and warm. Tuesday a nice new swell, but hammered by freshening N to NE winds. Might be dawnie 4'. Partly cloudy and warm with showers.


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