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Namaqualand and N Cape

Sporadically updated

Cranking though inconsistent long range swell to 5' rises gradually Wednesday to six foot in kiff light S winds in morning, going moderate or fresh S in arvi. Thursday 4-6' lines still running a bit more consistent in moderate to fresh S breezes. Friday swell has dropped to 4' open coast with light S winds going moderate. Saturday light NW to N breeze for a mild onshore bump and small 3ft surf likely open coast. Sunday small to flat conditions with light NW to N breezes puffing moderately bumpy onshore.

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West Coast

Melkbos to Doring Bay

Thursday 16 November 2017

Surf nowhere anywhere Thursday soft weak 2' west swell or less, with smidge of 2' S swell. That + That = Diddly Squat. Mile SSE early puffs fresh SW onshore. Friday flat. Glassy seas. Nice for a swim to St Helena and back. Fresh S puffs by arvi. Water slowly warms up. Saturday bit of 2' or 3' west swell may mean kiff logging lines for hipster chills. Or not. Small waist high surf and moderate S winds go moderately fresh. Not a lot we got. Sunday hey hey hey. A classic long range 16 second West swell for 5' long lulled lines slowly more frequent with 5-7' sets by evening open coast. Nice. Winds clean SE at first puffing mild moderate S. Lefthand points super fun. Monday going off, or would be, but a front smacks with hard NW onshore, some rain in south, and messy seas. Pity, cos it's cooking 6-8ft mit der grunt.

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Cape Peninsula

Melkbos to Cape Agulhas

Monday 4 December 2017

Make hay while you can. There is a 4-5' open ocean west swell running Monday with a fresh SSE wind puffing strong in arvi. Muizies of course is kakka all day. Miff early. Miffer later. Tuesday the pumping SE creates a windswell that supercedes the waning groundswell. Expect a riproaring SE gusting to a neargale by afternoon, and shredding the sea, flattening it and knocking it back towards Brazil. Muizies weak at the knees. Wednesday same as it never was. Fresh to strong consistent clean SE and now lots of windswell in False Bay but very little other side, apart from popsicle headaches. Looks like a contour day. Thursday the SE begins to ease, going nice and clean. By now, of course, the water temps would shrink a pair of balls made of brass. Some 3' windswell in False Bay eases. Looks still dirty onshore there though. Friday flat both sides, maybe 1-2' in cleanish mild S winds, light early moderate to fresh later.

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Southern Cape

Agulhas to Plettenberg Bay

Thursday 16 November 2017

A bit of leftover SE swell Thursday running maybe 3' or so with moderate SE onshores rippling it up. Marginal unless the dawnie had a couple. Friday a soft bit of weak 3' south swell maybe run along the south facing exposed coast, but winds are onshore again. Similar velocity, ie moderate puffing fresh in arvi, with more yeast than SE. Saturday hey hey now it's starting to look nice. Small 3' SE swell at first, but getting better into the arvi, going 4' if not 5' and really lekker surf with clean moderate W offshores. Inside points are turning on, and those special spots might yield berries on the evening sesh. Sunday spoilt for choice with 4-5' from SSE and very kiff dawnie. A SW component to a new groundswell fills in later to 6ft+ possibly, but by then the onshore picks up. Monday coooking surf 4-6' at many spots (to 8ft open coast) in lekker offshore, winds freshish. Strong busters blow later towards evening. Swell jacks.

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Eastern Cape West

Cape St Francis to Port Alfred

Thursday 16 November 2017

Quite a bit of SSE swell Thursday running maybe 4' or more but winds are E of Southerly at SSE moderate to quite unlekker. Friday could be lekker 4-5' SSE swell opening up those inner points a bit and clean glassy light NW to W offshore to start, puffing onshore SE to E moderate by arvi. Saturday swell direction now a lot more east as it picks up from the Goodwave storm that got the Durban ous excited for a while. This swell is 3-4' becoming possibly 3-5' in kiff landbreeze start, puffing moderate clean offshore west. Nice. Sunday fun 4-5' S swell and very kiff dawnie. A SW component fills in later to 6ft but much later in the day, particularly evening. By arvi, a moderate onshore picks up to pumping nasty beasterly onshore. Monday stiff NW devils wind should be rapidly changing the sea texture from onshore scuffed to offshore scoured. A cranking 6-8' groundswell runs open coast. Winds then blast SW buster, strong, but it snaps back like an elastic, and due to moderate rapidly, with good surf due in arvi or evening after wind dies.

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Eastern Cape East

Port Alfred to Kei Mouth

Thursday 16 November 2017

Lank SE swell pours through Thursday with 6' or bigger sets at 11 secs but with staunch southerly busters white kapping it sut. Bad weather and rainy squalls. A real wintery burst of cold blasted buster and Friday same swell, similar winds but not as strong and a bit more west in it but probably not enough. Saturday hey hey now it's starting to look nice. Swell has come in with proper groundswell grunt from pure SE direction. Lekker surf with clean glassy light W offshores puffing light N then NW or variable. Inside points are turning on, and berries bru! Sunday clean kiff 2-4' South swell in kiff clean light SW to W going glassy puffing miffed NE onshore. Monday oooh. Now it's solid grunting new SW groundswell 4-6' at many spots (but solid 8ft+ open coast) but moered by screaming heebie beasterly onshore. Wind backs down in arvi going offshore again. Evening?

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Wild Coast

Wild Coast

Monday 2 October 2017

A bumpy blownout dawnie because a miff beasterly blow Monday and this builds into a proper horrid yeast wind Tuesday blowing up a storm, almost literally because by Wednesday a mangled pea soup mixture of miffness and swell directions and sizes with an early glassoff then the elastic snaps back and the pressure bursts and a white-capped SW buster is through by mid-morning. Heavy rain seeps in from the west into the arvi and evening. Thursday sees heavy rain, fresh SSE winds and mangled mixed up seas. Friday if the rivers have not made the sea an ugly brown colour, it's going off 4-5' with nice south swell and fair punch at dawn in kiff light winds, but puffing fresh onshore later.

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KZN South Coast

Port Edward to Amanzimtoti

Thursday 16 November 2017

Solid 8ft SSE swell blasts open coast Thursday with bigger sets at 11 secs with heavy rain squalls cold winds and staunch southerly busters white kupping it. Wild and woolly. Friday winds are still pomping but proper SW direction opens a few possibilities for protected spots but the swell is still lank powerful, and getting strong as the windswell transitions to a much more punchy groundswell at 12 seconds. Wind dies off late in day. Saturday is 6-8ft and clean and glassy at dawn but a northerly breeze builds quite fast into moderate NNE to NE onshore. Sunday epic though way smaller 3-5' leftovers from the SE easing off to 2-4' in kiff light winds. Goes moderate NE onshore. Monday screaming heebie beasterly onshore masks arrival of cranking SW groundswell with much more SE swell again. Ruination

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Durban and surrounds

Amanzimtoti to Ballito Bay

Thursday 14 November 2017

Fat swell hits at 160 degree angle Thursday with honking SW busters and rainy weather and slow 2' sets at New Pier very slowly building to 3-4' by evening. Much bigger north of Sun Coast and of course on the mound, which nowadays seems to absorb a lot of the energy. Open coast and Bluff a solid 8ft. Friday the period increases and the direction shifts 20 degrees to 140, which opens much more swell for the piers. North beaches firing 4-6'+ but New Pier 4-5' with chance of 6 ft sets on the pushing tide around 11am or noon as some groundswell grunt arrives. Clean strong SW winds. Open coast wild and too much swell and wind still. Saturday absolutely goes off for 1-3 hours from dawnie with clean 6ft solid sets, and crisp barrels, and maybe a few bigger. The east up from quite early, a north touch puffing from 9am already. Spike Video Surf Report shows basics of the swell. Sunday kiff surf out of town and fun inside town but much smaller now 2-4' on northern beaches, 3' New Pier, easing all day in kiff light winds, going glassy. Monday savaged by staunch NE beast winds.

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KZN Far North Coast

North of Zinkwazi

Thursday 14 November 2017

Dik south swell to 10ft+ hits south facing coast Thursday with galeforce southerly buster smashing it. Friday calms to a panic. The period has boosted from wind to groundswell at 12 seconds with now SSE direction and solid 8-10ft sets ease off to 8ft during day in pumping more SW winds, easing slightly. Saturday clean and glassy and firing 6-8' on south facing coastline from just east of south direction. A lot of south in it. A fresh to strong NNE builds tho so get it early. Sunday a dawnie might be option with 4-5' surf easing to 2-4' but fresh to strong N to NE winds are due to blow it out quite soon after brekkie. Monday savaged by staunch NE beast winds.

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