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Namaqualand and N Cape

Sporadically updated

Cranking though inconsistent long range swell to 5' rises gradually Wednesday to six foot in kiff light S winds in morning, going moderate or fresh S in arvi. Thursday 4-6' lines still running a bit more consistent in moderate to fresh S breezes. Friday swell has dropped to 4' open coast with light S winds going moderate. Saturday light NW to N breeze for a mild onshore bump and small 3ft surf likely open coast. Sunday small to flat conditions with light NW to N breezes puffing moderately bumpy onshore.

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West Coast

Melkbos to Doring Bay

Wednesday 19 September 2017

Lekker punch mid range swell runs Wednesday to 4-5' with light going moderate SSE winds to start, puffing moderate S. Thursday more 5' sets run from nice west direction at punchy 16 second intervals but winds look moderate SW and a bit onshore along open coast. However, lefthand points have a few 3-4' waves. Friday exact same swell and winds almost same, with moderate S in it innit. This time, however, it pumps southerly by evening. Saturday swell has jumped a notch to 6-7' x mid-range 14sec punch x fresh to strong SSE to S winds. Again, those points. Otherwise, a bit windy open coast. Sunday dwindling 4' swell in glassy, calm conditions puffing bumpy SW onshore.

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Cape Peninsula

Melkbos to Cape Agulhas

Wednesday 19 September 2017

Some solid six or seven foot sets Wednesday in stiff SE breeze. Beachies fire 4-5'+. Muizies miserable and blown out. Thursday 4-6' sets open coast in bumpy SW onshores. Muizies side shore 2' maybe 3'. Not bad early but more S in wind brings a bit more of an onshore angle later. Friday a black SE look as showers fall and front slenters and morning west winds swing strong S into arvi. West swell still pours tho" solid 6 becoming 8ft by evening. Muizies fun 2' early, blown out onshore later. Saturday cranking 8' and strong steady straight SE brushes blue barrels (bru). Brass ball razor sting. Muizies develops nasty facial tic. Checks into therapy. Sunday 4-6' glass in chillos water puffing W then WSW as front slips past. Muizies glassy 2-3' going good and clean and fresh tralala (offshore).

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Southern Cape

Agulhas to Plettenberg Bay

Wednesday 19 September 2017

Naas direction to a bit of punchy 16sec S swell Wednesday but a High pressure lurks and a moderate E builds into a stiff beasterly easterly blown out onshore. Thursday lots of 4-6'+ sets hit open coast in leftover onshore, BUT the west switch seeps in and over lunch, it glasses off, then puffs wif a whiff of NW landbreeze going moderate west and things are looking better and better and better. Friday the west becomes more a winterish busterly front with scattered scudding squalls and strong SW winds that are pumping SSW from later arvi. Swell 6ft in morning, becoming 8ft by evening. Saturday cooks 6-7' on points early before a light S puffs SE then goes strong onshore beasterly. Sunday blown out nasty onshore slowly dying off into glassy but broken up evening. Mixed up east and west swell both subsiding slowly.

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Eastern Cape West

Cape St Francis to Port Alfred

Wednesday 19 September 2017

Sadly, an epic swell in size, power and direction Wednesday is laid to waste by a honking beasterly easterly onshore blow. Thursday the wind still pumps and its nasty mixed up 4-8' mixed direction mayhem. A west switch on way slowly seeping on from the west in the arvi, tho on this side it seems to only puff west into the evening so a bit late. Overnight, the west becomes a wintery busterly blow and Friday pumps white-capped WSW offshore, blasting all day, peaking a neargale by 5pm. Good swell wasted. It jacks late in day, and Saturday 6-8' open coast and firing in offshore SSW if the wind plays ball, because it's due to puff moderate S then moderate SE and fresh onshore by evening. Sunday ripping blown out nasty onshore smashes it sut.

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Eastern Cape East

Port Alfred to Kei Mouth

Wednesday 19 September 2017

Wildly oscillating winds and wind strengths ahead, with Wednesday ruined by a freshening beasterly easterly onshore blow, moderate early, strong in arvi. A building 6' x 16sec groundswell runs beneath the mess in the arvi into the evening. Thursday just as a classic 15 sec x 8ft swell is pumping, so is a nasty onshore. The NE is blowing a neargale, churning up nasty mixed up 4-8' multi-directional mayhem. By Friday a white-capped WSW offshore has arrived, blasting all day, and shredding 6-8' groundswell on open coast. Saturday solid 6-8' or more open coast but a strong SSW doesn't give enough time to ease or go offshore. In fact, as it eases it's going more SE and hangs around moderate to miff. Sunday eish. The beastly is back. That is all.

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Wild Coast

Wild Coast

Monday 9 September 2017

The NE onshore picks up again Monday after a calm start. Surf looks 2-4' open coast. Tuesday fun waves to 3' maybe 4' on points in nice offshore breezes (tho might be a bit sideshore S). A going light SE puffs over lunch ish then mild NE onshore blows. Wednesday honking SW buster smashes the coast sideways, and big chunky windswell builds on horizon. Thursday the buster is still smashing it and with the arrival of proper groundswell under the mess, you could describe it as wild and woolly. The swell has jacked to 6-8' open coast. Wind drops in arvi, and by evening, it's moderate S. Friday swell fading already, with soft 2-3' windswell about and a mild going miff onshore beasterly blows.

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KZN South Coast

Port Edward to Amanzimtoti

Wednesday 19 September 2017

It's all a bit weird in this wildly oscillating between-seasons pattern. Wednesday looks mild to miff SE and 2-4' on open coast. Could have been a few at dawn. Maybe. Thursday swell arrives. So does wind. Onshore wind. Hope for the early shift, with possible light NW landbreeze brushing a nice new 4-5' groundswell, but it has that early onshore look to it. The window closes quickly, and it becomes a nasty NE beastly. Friday the buster is moving up the coast, but its still onshore or leftover NE and sickly looking. The onshore dies towards lunch and it puffs fresh to strong SW to SSW in arvi. Looks marginal, altho there is 4-5' surf at least. The offshore seems to come too quick and too hard tho. Saturday fresh S ruins a building solid 6' swell open coast. Sunday eish. The beastly is back. And bad. Angry salty sea dogs in horse manure-splattered conflagration.

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Durban and surrounds

Amanzimtoti to Ballito Bay

Wednesday 19 September 2017

Inter seasonal volatility brings alternating bouts of stiff W and E winds, with Wednesday mild SSW to cleanish early and 2' SE swell, puffing miff SE with 2-4' bumps on open coast. Could have been a few at dawn. Thursday swell arrives open coast, with 3-4' sets perhaps. Town tiny. However a stiff onshore wind is due. Hope for an early shift down the coast, with possible light NW landbreeze and even 5' sets open coast. Window looks to shut quickly. Nasty NE beasterly takes over. Friday still onshore or leftover NE and sickly looking on both coasts. Mixed 3-5' east and west swell open coast, with more east and less west in town, obviously, doh. Dawnie may have some, otherwise nowhere mild onshores are fairly miff. A stiff buster is thro late arvi, and blows Saturday strong S which ruins a building solid 6' swell open coast with town sideshore and fleabitten 2-3' possibly, but cleaner. Sunday lots of mixed swell smacked by a staunch beasterly blowout - an angry salty-whacked sea dogfight or white manure-splattered conflagration or oceanic orc-fest? Either or.

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KZN Far North Coast

North of Zinkwazi

Wednesday 19 September 2017

Some S swell to 4' hits open coast Wednesday in mild SSW to cleanish winds early, puffing a little towards the S at times later. Kind of marginal. Thursday glassy early with clean long period 3-4' sets open coast, with long lulls. Winds lekker early, and fun open coast surf if a bit inconsistent. However a stiff onshore wind comes up soon after an early brekkie. Nasty NE beasterly blows. Friday riproaring NNE onshore destroys the coast. Mangled mixed up swell mayhem ensues. Saturday now a buster is thro and the pendulum swings wildly into the honking S sideshore zone. Miff. Sunday lots of mixed swell - coupled with a strong 6' SSW swell, is pushed ashore by a honking beasterly blowouts in the south, but up this side, milder onshores start the day before it goes pearshaped.

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