Wed, 5 June 2019

Last chance to book for the Spike Swell Course about storms, waves and swell charts that takes place tomorrow, Thursday 6 June, in Cape Town. Here's the lowdown.

swellcourse-620IMG 0538 IMG 0539What is it?

Join founder of Wavescape, surf forecaster Spike, for a fun and graphical evening as you journey deep into the ocean and into the eye of fierce storms to see how they create waves, and how these waves radiate away from the winds that created them. Also learn about the mechanics of waves and wave period and how to  interpret weather models. Get forecasting tips, and check out case studies of giant storms, and the big waves (and damage) they brought, and wrought. This audio-visual journey has a perspective with appeal to all who love the sea. Booking is essential.

Who is it for?

Ocean sports (surfers, sailors, kiters, boardsailors, divers, paddlers); marine industry (salvors, lifeguards, fisheries, shipping): Recreation (beachgoers, anglers), and even armchair weather folk.

Part 1 (55 minutes)

We look at how storms form, and wind creates waves. We analyse the anatomy of swell, and ponder how it is possible for air to transfer energy into water in the form of waves. We watch as the swell propagates from the storm, looking at wave period, and finally how these waves transform into the surf we see on the shore.

30 minutes for light dinner break, drinks and chat

Part 2 (45 minutes)

A look at wave models, weather forecasting systems and the Internet. We predict some surf, interpret some data, and look into some examples of forecasting failures and sucesses.

- 10-20 mins Q&A, anecdotes, more case studies (time dependent)

Venue: Sports Science Institute, Newlands. Click here for directions

Time: 6.30pm to 9pm

Pull in for a drink or two (cash bar available) and light meal and enjoy an entertaining audio-visual talk. Share anecdotes and ideas, and get practical tips to enhance your ocean lifestyle (and save some petrol).

Tickets include a light supper. Order tickets below, or go direct to Quicket here

Peer review

"You've read his twisted humour in the surf reports. Now experience it in person, with 'stories from the deep' - simple explanations of where waves come from, and a generally fascinating delve into weather patterns, storms and swell from around the world. Oh, and you also get the chance to skinner with other surfers and kiters. Highly recommended!" -- Ian Henderson (kitesurfer)

"Over the years I have attended dozens of courses on various topics but nothing has the vibe of having a real enthusiast share his passion. Multo obrigado." -- Mike Ohlson, Richards Bay


+1 #5 MsArabella 2019-06-12 08:46
I am dying to do this course!! I unfortunately cannot make Thursday, is there going to be another one and if so when:) Very excited about this.
Caitlin Moir
+1 #4 Next lessonCaitlin Moir 2019-06-06 08:09
Hi there, also very interested in coming to the next one - only saw this post today, please keep me in the loop. Thank you
+1 #3 MrsNadège 2019-05-21 21:56
When is the next class please?
+1 #2 MrsNadège 2019-05-21 21:55
On the 06th I will be away, but very keen on coming. When will be the next class planned?
kirk doman
+1 #1 mrkirk doman 2019-05-20 13:47
look forward to this.
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