Fri, 22 April 2016

The first little swell and storm of the year is klapping Cape Town today, with NW gales and a rain deluge arriving after 2pm with a giant mixed up storm swell, writes Spike.


DOUBLE WHAMMY: It's a bummer when the wind comes with the swell.

This storm has had an interesting life. It started a few days ago far away filled with angry winds and swirling aggression. This created the 20 second pulse that fills in along the SW Cape all day today, spreading east into the Eastern Cape late today and tomorrow.

Then, as the storm began to approach Cape Town, it began to weaken. Early this morning, its front arm reached out, and as we feel the full force of its landfall between 10am and 2pm today, we're getting enough punch for galeforce NW winds and a white capped, shredded surface layer of wind-whipped windswell running across the top of the deep, long lulled gruntswell beneath.


#CAPEOFSTORMS: Big rain coming to Cape Town this afternoon and evening.

The overall effect, though, is that we're in the middle of a big storm out to sea. Messy and heaving.

Meanwhile, the storm moves east tonight, and the SW gale becomes an East Coast buster that smacks the southern and eastern Cape from 8pm tonight and during the night. By tomorrow, the wind has gone in Cape Town and it is heaving 15'+, but easing quickly in beautiful light SE to E offshore winds.


VIRULENT BLOB: The storm peaks in Cape Town between 8am and noon today

The sea will be very buckled and broken, but should be gradually cleaning itself up as the windswell element of the swell eases and the deeper swells become more prominent. 

Tomorrow, the SW will be pumping all the way up the East Coast, moderating gradually from the West. By afternoon, cooking surf at many spots.

Sunday is the chill day. Enjoy the weekend!


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