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Wed, 9 May 2018

A surf shop near Cape Town has launched online to give South African surfers access to a huge range of discounted wetsuits and other ocean gear. Spike pays the rent.


BELOW SEA LEVEL: South Africa gets chilly in winter, and so maybe its time for a new wettie?

uggThe Wetsuit Warehouse website, which caters for many water sports, from the niche like open water swimming and big wave surfing to mainstream surfing, has an opening special until the end of May for a free pair of JBay winter Ugg boots worth between R1,600 and R2,000.

People who know the perpetual discount deals (due to bulk buying) offered at parent store Great White Sport and Surf in Fish Hoek will see the same deals offered on the online store, such as a sale on men's and women's wetsuits: Gul Response FX 4/3 Back Zip R1,990 (from R2,990); Gul Surflite Ladies 2mm R1,000 (from R1,450); Reef Fusion 5/4 R2,999 (from R3,850.00) or the Ladies Viper Hooded 5/4 (back zip) clearing at R2,000.

Of course, if money is no object, you can opt for the top-of-the-range Isurus Alpha Evade 454 Hooded Front Zip (R7,500) or the Xcel Infiniti 5/4 Hooded front zip (R5,899).

Owner Jeremy Hare says he wanted to expand the reach of his shop to a wider range of customers in Cape Town and around the country. "Fish Hoek is a small town that most Capetonians know is quite far from Cape Town or the northern suburbs, or the rest of South Africa for that matter. By entering the digital space, we can also offer our customers SUP boards and paddles, diving and snorkeling gear, bodyboards, soft boards and skimboards, and clothing and accessories."

The choice of ocean gear is huge, while every permutation of neoprene (ladies, kids and mens 3/2, 4/3 and 5/4 wetsuits as well as gloves and booties) is also available: "We stock brands that include Island Style, Mocke (by ace SA paddler Dawid), Orca, Red Paddle Co, Xcel, Isurus, Indoblu, Reef SA, Billabong, Gul, Aqualine, Lizzard, Pro Race, and Nixon. We literally have the largest stock and range of Xcel and Billabong rubber in the country."

Thought his bleeding yellow tail and himself were gonners when a big white shark came at themHare - a veteran ocean user of Cape waters from spearfishing to deep sea fishing to sailing to surfing - also offers the famous Sharkbanz anti-shark repellent bracelet that he says sells like hot cakes. Chatting to him in his store, he has many anecdotes about sharks. As a surfer and spearfishermen, he understands the issues. He tells the one about a spearfishing mate who thought his bleeding yellow tail and himself were gonners when a big white shark came at them. As the shark reached him and his Sharkbanz, it turned violently away as though punched on the nose.

"The Sharkbanz works on the big predators. We swear by it," he said. And, these ous are the ones to ask about this sort of thing. When you surf Dungeons, people who care about their immediate health don't drag a bleeding seal behind their rhino chaser. But that's what they do, pretty much. When they place their trust in this way, you have to feel moderately comforted.


WOMEN'S RANGE: There is a large range of brands and sizes for women.

32mm-billabong-flatlock-absoluteThe blurb on the site says, with some humour: "our vast range has something for every water sport activity. If you are a Grom starting out or swimming coach in Potchefstroom, an open water swimmer, a keen kloofer or a big wave charger at Dungeons or if you are a 56 year old bullet like our founder and you just want the warmest, lightest and stretchiest neoprene available to allow you spend endless hours in the ocean doing what you love, then we have you covered. "

Hare said that they would transfer the popular specials they run in their physical store to their digital space. With Mother's Day coming up, for instance, there are specials on women's wetsuits and clothes. As the website says: "for the fairer sex if you want to look drop dead gorgeous while being warm and unbelievable comfortable, we will wrap you in the sexiest rubber known to mankind."

To monitor the specials, check out www.wetsuitwarehouse.co.za or visit and like their Facebook page to get alerts when they post on their feed.

Physical shop hours
8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Online shop
24 / 7

+27 21 782 3360

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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