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MarcelHabets-620-thWed, 1 October 2014

Transnet has shut down a key West Coast road between Elands Bay and Doringbaai, which effectively cuts off a number of surf spots, making many virtually impossible, or difficult, to get to.

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Wavescape user Liam Bulgen received a media release from the Transnet boom operator while driving out of Elands Bay this weekend.

At first, he thought it was another creative prank ... but unfortunately it doesn't seem like it.

As from today, the gravel Transnet road between Ebay and Lamberts Bay will be closed, as will the Transnet road north of Lamberts (Lamberts to Doring Bay). According to the decree, some of the reasons for the closure are: theft from cars, dust settling on electrical insulators, an increase in car accidents, and increased risks when private vehicles cross the railway line.

It appears that certain spots will be accessible from the Lamberts Bay side, but there are several that may be a problem to access, especially those north of Lamberts where the Transnet road cuts inland.

A similar thing happens between EBay and Lamberts, and some of the reefs between the two towns will become difficult to access.

The route up to Elands that comes in from the southwestern end of the town around Baboon Point does not appear to be effected, but time will tell.


0 #2 West coast treasureKyleKahn 2014-10-02 15:51
The rental of bicycles with board racks or rickshaws should be on the cards in Elandsbay. Also boat tours.

Efforts will be rewarded.
0 #1 Sirandy2755 2014-10-02 07:21
Cant say Im surprised - a while back transnet stopped charging the (outrageous) toll & also seemed to stop maintenance on the road - for me that was already the writing on the wall.

Ive also seen 2 chops come short at the level crossing - 1 guy never made the turn at all and went straight into the bushes, another pillock got stuck across the tracks with all 4 wheels up in the air.

Anyway, its still a bummer :-(

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