Sun, 7 July 2019

In Part 4 of his Indo Diaries, surf travel guru Greg Bertish and his family and friends have an experience of a lifetime surfing and exploring the island of Lombok in Indonesia.


FAMILY FUN: A local boat is always available to seek out spots for everyone in the family.

We spent an amazing four days in Lombok after a ferry ride. We met up with family friends and Guru clients - the Daces, the Leinbergers and the Hemps. We shared some amazing memories and mornings.

We surfed offshore fun along the cliffs of Awung Bay, with Indo boat rides out to the surf. This was more about family fun and waves with four South African families out in the water. Must be some kind of Saffa record? Ages ranged from seven to 47 and it's safe to say that everyone had a blast and the experience to remember.


FAMILY FUN 2: Old hat for Indo surf veterans, but for the family, what a thrill to jump off a boat.

I found a kiteboard set-up way in the south, on Kalimantan beach. It was insane, and some of the most beautiful and raw and wild kite boarding that I have ever done in the tropics.
Flat water on the inside and waves on the outside between the Gillis :)

We then packed our bags and headed for the ferry terminal and the snake-like island of Sumbawa.


The biggest hassle about surf travel is trying to fit everyone's needs into one trip. Everyone wants to surf different kinds of waves. Some don't surf. Some want to snorkel or go whale watching or take cultural tours. Luxury is nice some times, but not all the time. A pondok with wooden rafters and palm roof can also be kiff. A swimming pool for some, good fishing for others. Good food, or massages on tap?

How do you find these all-in-one places without wasting tons of cash and time? Greg Bertish has come up with special consultancy packages (by email, phone, face to face or combinations thereof), and if you book through True Blue Travel, he waives the fee.

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