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Fri, 12 May 2017

The contest organisers of the Cell C Goodwave have decided to keep the event on hold as a strong but messy storm swell bears down on Durban, arriving later this weekend.

FREW BRUUU!: Mike Frew's wave earlier this year sums up the requirements.

According to the event’s official swell forecaster Spike from www.wavescape.co.za, the storm comes in hard and fast and right up against the coast, bringing wild seas and stormy weather, including big rain tonight and overnight, and again on Sunday and Monday morning. By the time conditions are good, the swell looks like its fading fast.

“Although there is going to be a lot of swell on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, it's mixed in with wind chop and swell coming in together, in other words, the short, medium and longer period swell coming straight off the conveyor belt and into the coast. There will be waves that are big enough, and perhaps individually good rides, but it's not the perfect, lined up swell that the Goodwave thrives on."


SHORT AND SHARP: The storm comes right up against the coast, bringing a mixed swell.

"We want a swell that has travelled a little longer, and comes in as clean, pure groundswell lines, rather than a storm swell right on top of us," he said. See video above for example :)

The contest organisers, along with Spike, will continue to monitor the early season swells to find the best possible day to run this event. The tournament has a one-year waiting period that ends on 31 December 2017, so there is plenty of time and opportunity to get the right day to run it. Invited surfers are reminded to be on alert and watch the Cell C Goodwave website and Facebook page for updates.

Rated as a World Surf League Specialty Event, the contest costs one Rand to enter, and has a massive first prize of R100k, the largest domestic prize for the sport in South Africa. The contest also has jetski assist for all competitors.


The Cell C Goodwave is a South African Surfing Legends event, with Jason Ribbink the contest director. California Dreaming, overlooking New Pier on the beachfront, will host the competition on the day. Oakley and Sun International are both supporting sponsors. The Cell C Goodwave - in loving memory of Lee Wolins.

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