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Ten years of surf heritage and vintage surf South Africana were celebrated in testing 2-4' waves at Llandudno near Cape Town this weekend, with a festive crowd gathering to enjoy the jol.


SHORTBOARD REVOLUTION: Getting ready to take to the water at Llandudno. Photo Ryan Collins

Contest director Captain Kai was under a bit of pressure when the morning at Llandudno beach dawned grey, cold and raining, but it turned into a perfect day. The waves were a little wild and woolly, and as the tide drained from the compacted sand bars, the waves got super hollow, but at least they weren't death defying.

There was some spectacular surfing on the vintage boards from Robby McDonald's massive collection. Surfing fans - some from distant lands - came down to the beach for the opportunity to ride a piece of surf memorabilia, and enjoy the old school vibes and friendly locals.

More than 150 surfers entered while throngs of people watched from the beach. The Llandudno lifesaving club kept them well fed and hydrated, while the waves delivered.Llanduno-Showing-Off

BEACH DAY: The Llandudno lifesaving club provides the perfect vantage point. Photo Collins

The morning started with a large kneeboard crew hitting the line up and surf commentators, Stan Badger and Captain Kai could not pick a best one, so they were left to have fun in the hollow conditions. It was a record entry of 18 kneeboarders, including long time Llandudno local Guy Joubert.

Next up the bodyboarders and bodysurfers shared the line up and another Llandudno local, Marcus Phitides, normally seen bodyboarding, put on a stellar performance with the hand gun to win best “Body Surfer/Bodyboarder” of the day.

Ocean Pledge and their team of environmental warriors had the beach signing up to end the use of single use plastic and cigarette butts - with a record number of pledges signed, showing that Rolling Retro fans care about the planet and our oceans.Wave-of-the-Day-with-Josh-Brodie

SHACKED: Josh Brodie once again pulls the proverbial rabbit from the hat. Photo Collins

The crowd on the beach must have thought they were back in time for the next heat, as a flotilla of paddle skis hit the lineup for the first time at Rolling Retro.

A couple of fun chirps from Badger, such as, “We are going to see one moerse omelette shortly” were made (paddleski = egg beater, geddit?), but the guys charged hard and were very entertaining. A big shout out to Mike Wessels who put it all together. He has been charging some heavy days in the Gat lately and it paid of as he took the honours.

In the ladies, it was a mix of Log and Short. Young local Mary Slijpen impressed, as did local lifeguard Tasmin Du Preez, who won best female Logger. Natasha van Greunen stole the show with some solid lip hits.

Hailing all the way from the Philippines, Raphael Nagalo put on a smooth performance to be awarded the best Log award. He was super stoked to be in Cape Town and even more stoked with the win.Raphael-Nagalo-from-Phillipines-wins-best-Log

LOGGING LINES: Raphael Nagalo from the Philippines won the best logger of the event. Photo Collins

The short boarders hit the lineup for the remaining heats and as the tide started sucking out, the conditions got heavy. Contest Director Captain Kai found himself scratching into a beast at the Gat. The crowd held its breath, and for a moment he looked like he would make it, but he got absolutely smoked. His consolation was being awarded the best wipeout of the day.

Billabong team rider Joshe Faulkner put on an electrifying performance, with some crazy turns and two huge, clean backside airs. His first air was so big and clean, especially in the heavy conditions, that the boys awarded him the Best Move of the event.

One Llandudno local always stands out when the Gat is heaving and Josh Brodie pulled the rabbit out of the hat in the final heat of the day, again. He found a huge clean wedge out of nowhere and charged the tube backdoor to the wild ovation of the crowd and into his second consecutive Best Wave award.Llands-Local-Luke-Slijpen

SLIJPEN SLIDING: Llanduds local Luke Slijpen showed why he's often the standout here Photo Collins

Out of many great performances, one guy stood out. Ricky Basnett was on fire and it was a unanimous decision to give him the Best Surfer award. He promptly thanked his Vans team mates, gave them all his beers and rum, and made a quiet exit. But he had already made all the noise he needed in the water.

The Red Bull after-party kicked in, with psychedelic surf rockers The Dinosaurs ripping out a killer set before DJ duo Mix n Blend got the party jumping. Cold draughts flowed, thanks to Striped Horse, and the frozen daiquiris from Suncamino were everywhere to ensure the party went off. As the sun set, the smiles were huge and the party went late into the night ... a perfect way to end another incredible Rolling Retro.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped, came down and had a blast and who have supported the event over a decade of seriously good times. Big thanks to our sponsors Striped Horse, Red Bull, Vudu Surf, Billabong, Hurricane Surf, Von Zipper, Amazonia, Suncamino Rum, Ocean Pledge, and We Care Collective

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