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Wed, 6 September 2017

Wavescape users get 15% off and perhaps a Bali holiday if they visit the Surf Travel Guru, a unique new consultancy service that counters the mass booking systems flooding the Web.


BARRELS AND BEER: The spots you surf and spots you stay must be in sync. Photo Supplied


There is priceless, specialist information that money can buy. It's called the Surf Travel Guru by True Blue founder Greg Bertish after 20 years meeting people and places all around the world. "When you've paid your dues, and done the hard yards, you invariably make magic discoveries. One day, you realise, wow, this information helps to go from an okay holiday to an unforgettable experience."

Over the years, this information has sometimes been misused. Clients disappear with good info. Operators build up a database and don't need you any more. Often they are "taking our priceless intellectual property and trying to mimic us". That is human nature, he concedes, and the way of the modern world, "but it’s not sustainable and we won’t compete with automation and mass booking platforms offering generic holiday options".


KID FRIENDLY: Happy kids mean happy parents. A must on holiday. Photo Supplied


Greg claims he will be able to provide "inside info and unbiased advice" because he's not there to make your booking any more, and so he doesn't care about the commission. You can make your own booking with the gazillion options at your disposal. He's also less likely to get crapped on when operators don't deliver!

But what he will offer is a special pricing plan to give you local contacts and help you find the lesser known, amazing spots to provide a far superior experience with better surf and less crowds. For relatively small payments as an invidual, with the economy of scale making it even more affordable for families or groups, you score because you get the cheap online deals without agency comms, but armed with the info to the coolest spots, and in many cases cheaper flights and accommodation too.

This new model has already paid dividends for clients, Greg says, and the caveat is that if you then book the holiday or surf package through Surf Travel Guru or True Blue Travel, the fee is deducted from your total cost. In other words, if you DO book through him, you get the advice free.

Fair enough.


RIM FLOW: Where are the places with good views? Ask the guru. Photo Supplied

What do you need?
Where to go to suit your surf or island hopes
Semi-secret spots and other inside info
The best lodges, resorts and charters for your tastes

Where to get less crowded and more consistent waves
Where your partner can enjoy yoga, good meals, beaches and massages
Where the kids can play, surf and eat
What do to in an emergency (where to seek assistance and medical advice)

A fixer and local contacts who can assist with you everything and anything
What to take? Board to ride? Why? How to get there?
Details on deals, tricks, dangers, safety, tips, maps
Discounts, FREE stuff, surf reports, and inside info


ROMANTIC MOMENTS: It takes two to tango for holiday happiness. Photo Supplied

About the Guru
Greg Bertish and his brothers Chris and Conn, with their father, travelled and surfed around Africa in the 80s. In the 90s, Greg explored, surfed, sailed, kayaked and snowboarded across Europe, Africa, USA, Mexico and the Indian Ocean. Steering True Blue Travel, he pioneered adventure travel to Madagascar, and has surfed Asia, Australia, parts of South America and more. He has travelled Indonesia extensively and lived part time in Bali and Australia. He has done it all ways: solo, feral, and in style. He has travelled as a couple and now travels with his wife Tracy and their little boys Kodi (7) and Ryder (5).

"I know what will suit you based on your needs. I have met and often made friends with many amazing people running awesome lodges, resorts, charter boats and camps. Not only will I suggest the best destination, location and surf spots for your budget and skill level, BUT unlike other operators and agents, I will introduce you to the owners, operators, locals and service providers so you can liaise and organise exactly what you need. I help you get the best deal, and you liaise and pay them direct or book through our recommended specialists. You will probably receive discounts, add-ons, extras and cost savings worth more than the initial consult fee."

Visit the Surf Travel Guru


Francis Battaglia
+1 #2 filmmaker / digital marketerFrancis Battaglia 2017-09-08 00:07
Yeah this is undoubtedly tops - hat's off to Greg Bertish and the offer he's putting out there now to anyone weighing best options for surf travel. I've been lucky enough to meet and work with Greg in Cape Town and have traveled and surfed a bit for work, school and vacation (G-Land, Costa Rica, Tavarua and elsewhere) and seen places get crowded and downsides of travel and can only imagine how much better this way would be for modern day surf travel with family, friends and / or work. Will definitely keep this in mind and be forwarding to my contacts. Congrats, Greg, well done! And thanks, Wavescape for covering this. Cheers!
0 #1 KaiCaptainKai 2017-09-07 12:58
Hey, how do you win the bali trip? Oh and the link for the guru page just redirects back to this page. Lukka
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