Mon, 2 December 2019

Surf films at the Wavescape Surf & Ocean Festival kicked off on Saturday when about 3,000 people came out on a beautiful summer evening to watch surf films at Clifton 4th Beach.

A cloudy day and fresh westerly subsided into a moderate southerly and clear skies and an epic evening at 4th Beach, with festival organisers Shani Judes, Faine Laubser and Steve Pike breathing a sigh of relief that the SE kept away to make a nice change.

Headline sponsor Vans set up special deckchairs and cushions, while serving free popcorn to members of the audience. The films Water II, Metanoia, Between the Lines, Inner Wild and Made in South Africa were screened. The strongly South African theme, including multiple shots of Cape Town and the beautiful spaces around the city, had the crowd hooting and hollering.

The festival moves on to Slide Night tonight at the Centre for the Book, then to the Changing Oceans Masterclass on Wednesday, followed by four nights of screenings (6.15 and 8.30pm) at the Labia Cinema in Cape Town.

Wavescape Clifton2019_JonxPillemer-41

DIGGING IN AT DUSK: The crowd come early to ensure kiff "seats" in the sand. Photo Jonx Pillemer

Slide Night comprises eight speakers talking on ocean subjects, Loyisa Dunga, Helgo Schomer, Warren Talbot, Caleb Bjergvelt, Sara Andreotti, Nik Rabinovitz, Dr Jannes Landschoff and Tasha Mentasti. The prestigious evening - good for networking and hearing inspiring talks - is normally fully booked. Book here.

The Changing Oceans master class looks at how to make impactful documentaries that change mindsets and overcome hostility from big money interests. The masterclass will host renowned filmmaker Bryan Little, environmental journalist and founding member of Sea Change Swati Foster, and Anna Breytenbach, South African interspecies communicator and animal activist.

We will discuss why climate change denialists have such a voice, and we look at how to overcome the media weaponisation used by the corporate world to cleverly and insidiously subvert the documentary process of filmmakers trying to document the degradation of the natural world. Book here

Then its onto the Labia for two films a day from Thursday to Sunday! Book at webtickets here

See the synopses and schedule for all films here (give it 20 secs to load) - see programme below.


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