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Mon, 22 January 2018

At the end of Day 3 at the ISA World longboarding Championship today, South Africa sits in 3rd place, while Team USA nabbed the first gold medal of the event when they won the Aloha Cup.

BRA Chloe_Calmon_Sean_Evans-2

COME ON CALMON: Chloe Calmon starts her leg of the Aloha Cup for Brazil. Photo ISA / Masurel

In smaller, but clean 1-2' surf at Riyue Bay in Hainan, China, USA put in a well-balanced, elegant display of longboarding to build a commanding 24-point lead over Silver Medallist Australia in the final. Team Peru earned the Bronze and Brazil the Copper.

The first semi-final featured South Africa, Peru, USA, and China and the second featured Brazil, England, Argentina, and Australia. The Aloha Cup features the top seven teams from the last edition of the championship in 2013 and the host nation: China. Each surfer catches two waves in their leg of the relay. The two scores from each of the four team-mates make up the team score.

With this gold medal, Team USA sits on top of the team standings in the main event, with all four surfers still in the competition. They stand neck-and-neck with Team Australia, who also remain unscathed after three days of the event, and with two days to go. An increase in swell for Wednesday and Thursday suggests that the competition will be put on hold tomorrow.

USA Team_Sean_Evans-3

STARS EARN STRIPES: Team USA celebrate after winning the Aloha Cup. Photo ISA / Masurel

The South Africans stand in fair shape. Two remain in the event: Durban's Sam Christianson and Cape Town's Roxy Davis. In the Open Men, Christianson has been turning heads with his soulful style - according to how the commentators have described him - and has made Round 3. He will surf in Round 4, which is basically a quarter-final. That means he is two heats from the final. Alfonso Peters is out after a third in Repercharge Round 3. It was desparately close for the Muizenberg local, who scored 9.77 against the 10.2 accumulated by second-placed Alberto Fernandez (ESP).

In the Open Women, another Muizenberg local, veteran Roxy Davis, has been building momentum in low scoring heats to reach Round 3, with her sights on a top two finish in Round 4, which is ostensibly a semi-final. The top two here will surf in the final against the top two from the repercharge stream. Christy Gilmour of Durban lost her Repercharge 2 heat, and falls out of the event.

Riyue Bay saw a drop in swell today, with waves in the thigh-high range peeling down the point with excellent shape. Team USA breezed through the first semifinal. Relay anchor Kevin Skvarna solidified their spot in the final with two good scores: 8.77 and 9.07. Team Peru took second behind Piccolo Clemente’s heat-high 9.33 ride to earn finals berth.

RSA Alphonso_Peiters_Tim_Hain

CUTTING IT SHORT: Alfonso Peters pulls off a new school move. Photo ISA / Masurel

In the second semifinal, Team Brazil jumped into the lead and never looked back after an 8.5 and 7.67 by Carlos Bahia. Team Australia needed every bit of their final wave score of 4.87 to surpass Team England by a mere 2 points to qualify for the final along with Brazil.

In the final, Team USA shined with six of eight waves worth 7 points or more. USA’s Tony Silvagni, Rachael Tilly, Tory Gilkerson, and Kevin Skvarna built a big lead capped by a near-perfect 9.67 ride by relay anchor Skvarna.

The event will be streamed live on www.isaworlds.com from January 19-25.

RSA Sam_Christianson_Tim_Hain1

SAM STYLE: Sam Christianson has been turning heads with his smooth style. Photo ISA / Masurel

ISA Aloha Cup Results
Gold – USA
Silver – Australia
Bronze – Peru
Copper – Brazil

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