Mon, 5 August 2019

In the final episode of his Indo Diaries, surf travel guru Greg Bertish and his family and friends luck into an epic swell in Sumbawa as the sun sets on an epic Indonesian adventure.


CHILL OUT REEF: Along this bit of coast are nook and crannies with waves for all levels of skill.

The Lombok to Sumbawa ferry was a breeze compared to our other voyages. The trip was only delayed by an hour, but there was local entertainment and a talent show on board to keep us occupied, and amused. Leaving Lombok with the majestic Mount Rinjani standing tall as a backdrop was quite a sight.

The west coast of Sumbawa is fairly dry, which generally means few mosquitos and a very low risk of Malaria. We ventured south along deserted but decent roads, weaving our way through villages and open plains surrounded by tall mountains. We were heading for a lesser known area we had found a year before.


SUN SETS ON TRIP: Nothing like a dreamy tropical sunset to send you home after a great holiday.

And then ... the swell arrived ... again! A thumping long period groundswell that orginated somewhere close to the continent we come from had swept into the islands of Indo, and it just kept on coming.

The dads waxed up their step ups and g and went off to do battle with the some heaving bombs and barrels in some remote and beautiful locations. Reefs that scar, Points that suck, and a few other slabs and points that light up when you know where to go. The surf literally pumped at 6 to 10 feet for six out of the next 10 days. It truly was a thing of beauty.


BERTISH BARREL: In total, I wonder how many barrels the Bertish brus have ridden in their lives?


The biggest hassle about surf travel is trying to fit everyone's needs into one trip. Everyone wants to surf different kinds of waves. Some don't surf. Some want to snorkel or go whale watching or take cultural tours. Luxury is nice some times, but not all the time. A pondok with wooden rafters and palm roof can also be kiff. A swimming pool for some, good fishing for others. Good food, or massages on tap?

How do you find these all-in-one places without wasting tons of cash and time? Greg Bertish has come up with special consultancy packages (by email, phone, face to face or combinations thereof), and if you book through True Blue Travel, he waives the fee.

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