Tue, 8 September 2009

Celeste Erasmus was at Table View beach in Capetown early this morning to take a daily photo of the surf for the website of Atlantic Surf Co. She got more than gale-force onshores and massive seas though. Sitting right there, in the line-up, was a huge ship! As she explained, the ship was right at the take off spot.

The Seli1

The 176 Metre Pananmanian-registered coal carrier called Seli1 hit a literal rock bottom during the night while it was lying at anchor in Cape Town Harbour.

The Seli1 was pushed towards the shore by heavy winds and large swell and drama was heightened around midnight when large waves crashed over the bow of the ship and it was discovered that the engine room flooded. It is suspected that the flooding was a result of the hull that was holed.

The Captain of the ship called out a mayday and the NSRI evacuated all Twenty Five Turkish crew members. No injuries was reported, apart from one crew member that was treated for mild hypothermia The Cape of Storms is known to claim at least one ship per year.

As in the case of a beached whale or any other marine phenomenom, crowds gathered on the beach to discuss the ship and just to witness the event. The fate of the ship and cargo is unclear at the moment as is the possible impact it may have on the particular surf break or the enviroment.

Thanks to Celeste Erasmus and Atlantic Surf Co. for the use of their photograph.

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