Fri, 19 March 2010

Santa Barbara: Former surfing world champion Shaun Tomson has launched a iPhone application to help surfers choose the right surfboard, along with a host of contextual information from his book A Surfers' Code.

Finding the correct surfboard and equipment can be a confusing and complex experience. This application will help make sense of the shape and design features that make up a surfboard - from rocker to roll, rails to tails, fins to foils - and assist in making the best, most informed choice from a multitude of possibilities.It also gives an overview and explanation of the best equipment to go along with a surfboard to make the most of the surfing experience.

Shaun started surfing way back in 1965 and over the years has taught hundreds of people how to surf. He has worked with over 40 of the world's greatest surfboard shapers and has a broad knowledge of surfboard design and equipment, which he outlines in clear, simple terminology.


•       15 of the most popular surfboard shapes
•       50 hand drawn illustrations
•       Ability level recommendation by shape
•       18 surfboard design features from rails to rocker
•       15 essential accessories from wetsuits to wax
•       5,000 word surfing glossary
•       A Surfer's Code
•       A listing of master shapers and contact information

"When I am out in the line up I often see people struggling on unsuitable equipment, boards that might be great for an expert surfer but are woefully inadequate for a beginning or intermediate surfer - teeny submarine-like boards that might be perfect for the best surfer in the world but are totally unsuitable for anyone that is not highly skilled and experienced. When a person starts out on the surfing journey, the trip can be made infinitely easier if one starts out with the right equipment. This little application is designed to do just that - help understand and select which board and equipment will be the most suitable right now to maximize the fun factor and make learning and improving as painless as possible." - Shaun Tomson, Santa Barbara, California, USA 


Jacque Smit
0 #2 Jacque Smit 2010-03-19 21:19
@Barry Crous the app is called "surfboards" and it costs $1.99.
Barry Crous
0 #1 Barry Crous 2010-03-19 17:40
Anybody know whats the app's name?
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