Fri, 3 May 2019

A Reunion Island surfer stood out at the SA Longboard Championship held at Seal Point over six days of winter conditions, writes Paul O'Connell. Photos Kody McGregor

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MISTY MOOD: Like the latest Game of Thrones, it was hard to see what was coming. Photo McGregor

The surf ranged from 2-4 ft, and barring half the six day event disrupted by thick mist and a spectacular cold front that brought hectically strong offshore winds, the contest was able to finish.

All in all, it was a fantastic event that many will remember as the year of the “Loggers”, with all ten divisions riding traditional single fin boards in the growing trend to ride old school logs.

Ophélie Ah-Kouen, the Reunion surfer who lives in KwaZulu-Natal, surfed beautifully throughout, taking the Open Women’s division and Best Surfer Award, while Manoa Robb deserves a mention. He took second in both the U18 Boys and Open Men. In the Open division, he surfed out of his skin, only just missing a win over veteran and national team member Justin Bing.

For the second year running, Sam Christainson won Surfer’s Surfer. In the team event, Eastern Province narrowly beat Western Province to hoist the Presidents Cup. Winter has come!


Open Men
1. Justin Bing
2. Manoa Robb
3. Sam Christianson
4. Thomas King

Open Women
1. Ophelie Ahkouen
2. Christy Gilmore
3. Tarryn King
4. Marishka Meyers
5. Faye Zoetmulder

U18 Boys
1. Ryan Lightfoot
2. Manoa Robb
3. Simakele Rooi
4. Brad Drummer

U18 Girls
1. Angelica Schon
2. Josie Middleton
3. E. Paeburn
4. Claire Haskins

U16 Boys
1. Kye Macgregor
2. Macai Kabot
3. Dylan Pretorius
4. L. Stead
5. Josh Dyer-Theim

U16 Girls
1. Mary Slijpen
2. Chanel Shaw
3. E. Van Niekerk
4. Hanna Pretorius
5. C. Haskins

U14 Boys
1. Justin Van Niekerk
2. Joel Dace
3. Levi Mayes
4. Luke Fourie
5. Evan Spittal

1. Michael Hill
2. Ryan Anderson
3. Gregg Clarke
4. Duncan Scott

Senior Ladies
1. Michelle Van Kempen
2. Karin Schermbrucker
3. Nix Bezuidenhout
4. Margret Wibblelink
5. Julia Rutherfoord

Grand Masters
1. Craig Cuff
2. Grant Gilmore
3. Paul O’ Connell
4. David Jenkins

1. Greg Smith
2. Steven Hair
3. Gary Kleynhans
4. Nick Pike

1. Charmaine Adams
2. Mel St Arnaud
3. Therese Russell
4. Lynne Robertson

1. Barry Campbell
2. Gary Van Rooyen
3. Martie Reddering
4. George Bunting

1. Eastern Province
2. Western Province
3. KwaZulu-Natal
4. Eden Soul Surfers
5. iLembe
6. Buffalo City

Presidents Cup
Eastern Province

Surfer’s Surfer
Sam Christianson

Surfer of the Event
Ophélie Ah-Kouen

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