Wed, 10 March 2010

Roxy Towill may be a great surfer, but she’s no cyclist. That isn’t meant as an insult, just the simple truth. Although fit and youthful, Roxy has never done an Argus cycle tour before, and the 109kms that she has to get through this weekend might feel a little long for her. Chris Mason finds out why on earth Roxy is turning the pedals all those times.

When I met with Roxy Towill in the Roxy surf school in Muizenberg, I innocently inquired about whether she had been training a lot. Sheepishly and with a look akin to fear, she told me she hadn’t ridden for over 2 weeks. I tried not to cringe, couldn’t help it, it was the gut and involuntary response to Roxy’s admission, and the cringe came from the undeniable fact that the less you train for the Argus, the more it hurts. Or so I have been told.

So why would Roxy subject herself to a possible 7 hours of pain in all the wrong places? Well, it is certainly not to prove how tough she is (although that might be accomplished).

It is in aid of a group of boys who Roxy believes in and wants to support. Roxy’s “Turning the Pedals for a Good Cause” campaign is aimed at raising money for Muizenberg’s most local crew of young teenagers, namely; Roger, Papi, Benjamin, Elroy and Dillon.

Currently Roxy and the surf school of the same name support the teenagers by providing food, transport and school fees to them, but cannot continue doing so forever without some support from the community.

Roxy believes that these talented youngsters have a bright future and that she is supporting their visions to become future climatologists, businessmen and doctors. She has set up a fund for them and a bank account where the public can support her and her Argus cycle campaign. All the money donated will then go towards the continuous support of the boys, with the goal being to help them become “the next generation of healthy, innovative, values-based and responsible young community leaders ensuring a sustainable future for South Africa.”

If you would like to support Roxy through her gruelling challenge for this worthy cause go to www.turningthepedals.co.za



Charlotte Kilpatrick
0 #4 Charlotte Kilpatrick 2010-03-14 16:23
You are one of a kind Roxy. Proud of you.
+1 #3 Rene 2010-03-13 18:12
Well done Roxy!
Can anyone ever give back as much as you have?No way!
Have a great one and good luck with the race!
Karen Kay
0 #2 Karen Kay 2010-03-12 18:56
I wish more youngsters would give more and take less. What a great example Roxy is. Good luck Roxy!! (Tho u won't need it... u'll be just fine)
Max Oosthuizen
+2 #1 Max Oosthuizen 2010-03-12 13:19
What a selfless act!
It's something that will be hard to match!
Well done Roxy and all the best for the Argus!
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