Fri, 19 March 2010

A pro surfer in Australia allegedly "cried wolf" when he stated on Facebook that he had just seen "a guy's leg get ripped off by a bull shark at Burleigh Cove. Soo heavy".

According to Australian newspapers, it was a bit of fun for Clint Kimmins, and a way to clear the surf for experienced surfers.

"The waves were so crowded this morning, I put up the message in the car park before I went out for a surf," he apparently told the Herald Sun, who picked up on the story from the smaller Gold Coast Bulletin.

"It's more of a safety factor, it's not just me being selfish trying to claim the waves. But it is dangerous out there when people don't know what they are doing," he was reported as saying.

However, Kimmins countered the story:

"The writer who took that out of context had one too many cups of Nescafe and couldn't stop their little sausage fingers from typing such dribble. Gold Coast Bulletin 1 - Truth 0."

However, it was unclear what the truth around his alleged post actually was.

The Herald Sun quoted him as saying that he thought his message "would get a few people out of the water, though didn't expect the reaction it generated".

The newspaper said that by 5pm, his posting had received 71 comments, with one user of the social networking site saying he would "never surf again". However, when Wavescape checked his Facebook Wall, there was no sign of it, suggesting it had been deleted.

"I can't believe how gullible people are," Kimmins was quoted as saying. "I can't believe how fast it spread. I'm really sorry if I wasted anyone's time."

Nobby Beach surfer Kym Fraser told the Herald Sun that professional surfers didn't own the waves and shouldn't try to lay claim to the best breaks.

"I think it's ridiculous, each to their own I say," he said.

"Everyone started somewhere. "They don't own the waves. "Unless you are absolutely hopeless you should be allowed to be out there."


+1 #1 Bodysurfer 2010-03-21 15:30
There can be no denying the frustration caused by novice surfers interfering with the few waves in a session, esp when waves have been scarce. But there is a new evil amidst the surfing fraternity that carries far more poison to the stoke. It is self-appointed locals and wanna-be pro's who feel they have the right to claim waves. This dude better pray he never comes near anything like the scene he described. Reality would humble you, dude! If the surfers you are trying to chase are there to surf, they are sharing and living the same life and dream as you. Get off your little pedastal :-x
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