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Surfer and Shark Face Off

Fri, 19 February 2010

East London,  South Africa: Under water after a shark hit him at Yellowsands on Tuesday, a teen surfer has described how he look straight into its face.

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Ultimate Wave heads for Durban

Fri, 12 February 2010

Durban: Ultimate Wave Tahiti, the IMAX film featuring Kelly Slater and Raimana Van Bastolaer surfing one of the planet’s most challenging waves, is coming to Durban.

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Inside the mind of a kiter

Thu, 11 February 2010

Charles Didcott is one of those hybrid surfer / kiters. He loves to surf, but he loves to kite. So what does he do when summer comes up with so much swell and wind at the same time? Photos of Charles by Deon Hug.

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Billabong re-signs laaitie trio

Mon, 8 February 2010

Billabong has announced the resigning of three of SA’s top junior surfers on to their Pro Junior Team: Dale Staples, Matt Bromley and Shaun Joubert.

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Hatchett Job

Thu, 4 February 2010 

The sacking of ASP head judge Perry Hatchett has been met with mixed reaction around the surfing world, with the usual rant about the standard of judging, while support came from many corners, writes Spike.

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Snow Rimes with Board Ride

Sat, 30 January 2010

When Spike is not getting distracted by boyish nostalgia about the old America during a trip to go snowboarding in New England, he's getting confused about stuff like frost heaves, rime snow and diamond dust.

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Punching Surfer Fights off Shark

Fri, 29 January 2010

A surfer fought off a shark with his fists in waters east of Bundaberg, just north of Noosa Heards in Queensland, Australia.

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New Funder for Shark Spotters

Mon, 25 January 2010

The Save Our Seas Foundation (SOSF) has announced that it is now a primary sponsor of the Shark Spotting Programme (SSP).

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Fatal Shark Bite "Unavoidable"

Mon, 25 January 2010

The Ocean Correspondent for the Save our Seas Foundation (SOSF), Cheryl-Samantha Owen, summarises the official investigation into the shark attack, and adds relevant insights based on cumulative findings by the SOSF White Shark Research Project after thousands of hours in the field studying these apex predators.

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Deeper Side of Sharks

Mon, 25 January 2010

Makos, blues, raggies, sevengills? Just some of the sharks found around Cape Town. A special expedition to the Canyon, a fish-rich area in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean 25 miles from Cape Point, yields some amazing photographs (see slideshow below). These and other photos were shot in False Bay by Steve Benjamin and Jean Tresfon, who writes a few words from the field. Thanks to Animal Ocean.

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Jeff Clark Fights Back

Wed, 20 January 2010

Half Moon Bay: The simmering dispute between between Mavericks pioneer Jeff Clark and Mavericks Surf Ventures (MSV), the company he co-founded to run the Mavericks Surf Contest, has finally erupted.

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