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30 feet, 40 hours and a Cup of Coffee

Wed, 28 October 2009

One of our premier big wave riders, Chris Bertish, is in the States on one of his epic journeys around the world to represent his country after a chaotic premature depature from SA last week that entailed 40 hours of gruelling travel. With hardly any sleep, and fuelled by a cup of Starbucks coffee, he rocked up at his first event and ... well ... read it in his words.

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Hurricane Wind Whips up Fat Swell

Tue, 27 October 2009

While the black southeaster ripped the SW Cape and S Cape with hurricane-force winds that killed five people, hardcore surfers were pulling into barrels at False Bay reefs yesterday.

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Urgent Call for Fergie Funds

Friday October 23, 2009

Surfing administrators, friends and colleagues from around South Africa have urged fellow surfers to give financial support to champion surfer Heather Clarke after she was seriously injured in a car crash yesterday.

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Cape Surfers Tell Quake Story

Mon, 5 October 2009

Cape Town surfers Andrew Brady and Graeme De Haas were three hours off the flight from Bali to Padang when their world began crashing down around them. Graeme sent us this story and pictures, written by Andrew.

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Surf Region Hit by Quakes

Thu, 1 October 2009

Two South Africans were three hours off the plane from Bali when the Padang earthquake, which has reportedly claimed over 600 lives, brought their world crashing around them.

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Tue, 22 September 2009

One balmy winter's morning I'm sitting at home writing out a shopping list (as one does when one is unemployed). My partner Mike is surfing (as one does when one is unemployed). By Natalie Martyn

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Jordy wins Surfer Poll

Fri, 18 September 2009

There doesn’t seem to be much more for Jordy Smith to win, apart from a world title. The 21-year-old prodigy from Durban has once again stolen the limelight with his recent award at the 37th Surfer Poll and Video Awards that took place at Anaheim in California recently, writes Craig Jarvis.

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Shark Shot stirs up a Froth

Fri, 11 September 2009

This photo of a monstrously large shark (is that ugly squiggled photoshopped mofo a shark?) has been flying around the Internet again. Have you received this email, purported to be taken in the Sodwana Bay area of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa? Du-uh!

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103 on verge of world record

Fri, 11 September 2009

More than 100 surfers rode a wave at the Earthwave beach festival in Muizenberg, Cape Town on Sunday to break the Guinness World Record for the ‘most surfers riding the same wave’.

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Ship drops in

Tue, 8 September 2009

Celeste Erasmus was at Table View beach in Capetown early this morning to take a daily photo of the surf for the website of Atlantic Surf Co. She got more than gale-force onshores and massive seas though. Sitting right there, in the line-up, was a huge ship! As she explained, the ship was right at the take off spot.

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Earthwave 2009

Fri, 4 September 2009

The third annual edition of Earthwave will be staged at Muizenberg and on beaches worldwide on Saturday & Sunday, 3 & 4 October 2009. 

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