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Win Trip to California

Mon, 12 April 2010

Cape Town, South Africa: Win the ultimate trip to watch the iconic Hurley US Open of Surfing, the world’s biggest beach event.

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124 foot wave "Biggest Ever"

Thu, 1 April 2010

A photograph by a fisherman off the coast of Scotland has been verified to depict the largest wave ever ridden.

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All Aboard the Learning Curve

Fri, 26 March 2010

Toungsters from Palama Metsi Surf Development Academy go for a sponsored surf trip to Elands Bay up the West Coast, by Nailah Furnival.

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Tears Flow as Ballies Reunite

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Surfers time-warped to the Sixties in a grand reunion at the Muizenberg Pavilion that celebrated half a century of surfing just a few hundred metres down the beach. Words by Glen Thompson. Images by Pierre Marqua

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Pro Surfer "Faked Shark Alert"

Fri, 19 March 2010

A pro surfer in Australia allegedly "cried wolf" when he stated on Facebook that he had just seen "a guy's leg get ripped off by a bull shark at Burleigh Cove. Soo heavy".

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Shaun Tomson Launches iPhone App

Fri, 19 March 2010

Santa Barbara: Former surfing world champion Shaun Tomson has launched a iPhone application to help surfers choose the right surfboard, along with a host of contextual information from his book A Surfers' Code.

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Roxy takes on the Argus Cycle Tour

Wed, 10 March 2010

Roxy Towill may be a great surfer, but she’s no cyclist. That isn’t meant as an insult, just the simple truth. Although fit and youthful, Roxy has never done an Argus cycle tour before, and the 109kms that she has to get through this weekend might feel a little long for her. Chris Mason finds out why on earth Roxy is turning the pedals all those times.

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Pro-X cooks in Cape Town

Mon, 8 March 2010

Extreme events are synonymous with extreme temperatures in Cape Town this year. Chris Mason and Pierre Marqua checked out what's hot at the 2010 Pro-X Event out at Zone 7.

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Super Groms sign with Hurley

Wed, 3 March 2010

Cape Town: For Jordan Maree and Ethan Fletchter, the world is their oyster, and to prove it, the hot youngsters have signed up with Hurley.

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Tsunami Turns in Damp Squid

Sat 27 Feb '10

"F&$k the tsunami, I'm going surfing." Freddie Patacchia's Tweet summed up a morning of hype and high drama after the expected tsunami turned into a damp squid all around the Pacific.

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Don't Surf the Tsunami!

Sat 27 Feb '10

Hawaiian weathermen kept tsunami locations secret to stop surfers from riding them today. The tsunami from the Chile earthquake is only about 1.5 hours away, and authorities have warned surfers to leave the water.

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