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Ocean Ban Looks Set to Stay


Tue, 28 April 2020

Bad news. Canoeing South Africa has been denied a request to return to the water during level 4 of the Covid-19 lockdown, so surfing looks set for the same, reports Spike.

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Slumtown Calling


Mon, 27 April 2020

To make up for our shameful lack of coverage on East London surfers keeping fit in the Covid-19 lockdown, here's a Slumtown extravaganza by Spike namesake Nick Pike.

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Looks Like Beaches Remain Banned


Sat, 25 April 2020

It's not looking good for surfing in Stage 4 of the Covid-19 lockdown. The briefing today said only limited exercise will be allowed, with details to follow next week, writes Spike.

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Calling ZA Surfers


Fri, 24 April 2020

As we await permission to surf from next Friday, hold thumbs that the government views the ocean as a place for exercise where strict Stage 4 protocols can be managed, writes Spike.

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How to Keep Sane


Fri, 24 April 2020

From paddling in pools with rubber bungies to virtual yoga and pilates sessions to gruelling gym circuits in the garden, South African surfers tell Spike how they're keeping sharp.

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The Coronavirus Novel


Tue, 21 April 2020

Time for some heavy relief! Mystic Atman and Compost Mantiss (Azaniamania, Wavescape, 2013) reappear in a terrifying Tuesday comic strip. It's Poynton Shute’s Coronavirus Novel!

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Bottom Turn in 2020


Mon, 20 April 2020

What a warped year for WSL rookie Matthew McGillivray. The JBay local was frothing for the 1st tour event on the Gold Coast, then Covid-19 abruptly flattened his curve. He chats to Spike.

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He Ain't Heavy, He's my Bru


Fri, 17 April 2020

Heavyweight input from Jordy Smith, Matt McGillivray and other surfers has raised almost R200k for a fund to feed JBay residents struggling to survive the Covid-19 lockdown.

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Desperate Times


Tue, 14 April 2020

More than 3,000 South African surfers have signed a petition asking government to label surfing an essential activity, and to open South African beaches to surfers, writes Spike.

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How you can help


Mon, 13 April 2020

If you would like to help during lockdown (signing a petition to surf does not count), here are key projects - including one in Elands Bay - that are helping our community cope with the crisis.

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The Masked Avengers


Thu, 2 April 2020

Surf forecasting turns to Coronavirus forecasting. The man behind Wavescape's surf report algorithm tells Spike why we need to wear masks to flatten the Covid-19 curve.

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Fri Jun 05 10:54:07 +0000 2020

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Eastern Cape West -- After lots of big NE onshore Friday keeps feeding the rabid beast. Honking yeasterly onshore a… https://t.co/GMPjetGsu8
Fri Jun 05 10:40:19 +0000 2020

Southern Cape -- A broken, sickly sea Friday morning begins to clean up as the wind switches to westerly offshore i… https://t.co/M8MhVwasAW
Fri Jun 05 10:40:10 +0000 2020

Cape Peninsula -- The surf has gone Friday after an epic, thumping week of proper big winter surf. Today, a ragged… https://t.co/PznCX8nmtw
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