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Monkey Sea, Monkey Do


Tue, 11 June 2019

Surf travel guru Greg Bertish is on a family adventure to Indo, starting with the obligatory resort stay on the Bukit Peninsula overlooking epic surf. Here's Part 1 of his Indo Diaries.

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Olympic Obstacle Race


Mon, 10 June 2019

Who will be in? Spike rolls out the selection road map to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, and the ISA World Surfing Games 2019 and 2020 are a critical part of the puzzle.

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Can Jordy Nail a World Title?


Wed, 5 June 2019

A Corona J-Bay Open title could clear the way to a Saffa world title. Before you face palm, consider what Martin Potter did when dissed by Derek Hynd in 1988. Craig Jarvis reminds us.

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Swell Course Tomorrow


Wed, 5 June 2019

Last chance to book for the Spike Swell Course about storms, waves and swell charts that takes place tomorrow, Thursday 6 June, in Cape Town. Here's the lowdown.

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Jordy Hangs in at #5


Wed, 5 June 2019

Jordy Smith hangs on to 5th after the Margie event (won yesterday by Lakey Peterson and John John Florence), and must focus on good results at the Oi Rio Pro and Corona J-Bay Open.

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Fire and Ice


Mon, 3 June 2019

Replacement Caio Ibelli took down big guns Kelly Slater and Jordy Smith at Margaret River, while an on-fire Lakey Peterson killed title rival Stephanie Gilmore in the quarters.

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Goofy vs Natural at the Corona J-Bay Open


Fri, 31 May 2019

Is the heel mightier than the toe at the best right-hand point-break in South Africa? Craig Jarvis leads us down the rabbit hole of the stance that best cuts it at J-Bay.

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The Box will be Square


Fri, 31 May 2019

Looks like they'll have tomorrow's Margaret River Pro at the Box (will it be square?) after the elimination rounds, where youngest and oldest Caroline Marks and Kelly Slater killed it today.

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WSL Moves to Vic Bay


Fri, 31 May 2019

Vic Bay welcomes the first South African WSL Qualifying Series event in 25 years with the inaugural Vic Bay Classic, born after the cancellation of the Zigzag Durban Surf Pro in May.

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Petition Stops Bail for Murder Accused


Fri, 31 May 2019

Thanks to 33,683 signatures at Change.org, bail has been denied to or refused by the men accused of the murder of David Wolfromm, 38, callously slain after a surf early this month.

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Jordy for the Win at JBay


Mon, 27 May 2019

He's had setbacks, but he's still sixth in the world. If Jordy Smith can bank a few fair to good results, a win at JBay will be pivotal in his bid for a world title, writes Craig Jarvis.

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