Mon, 7 September 2020

It's been a wild ride for the Sea Change Project's Pippa Ehrlich and Craig Foster, but more restful seas await today with the international release of the film My Octopus Teacher on Netflix.


The team at Sea Change had to jump through hoops to get the film up to the strict standards of the mega movie platform, and it will be with a profound sense of achievement that they will watch the film. It is live on Netflix as of today.

My Octopus Teacher, South Africa's first feature nature documentary to get accepted by Netflix, was produced by Craig Foster and Directed by Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed. The film, which follows Craig's year-long relationship with an octopus, as been called ‘an immersive porait of human–animal understanding, brimming with danger, drama and devastating emotion’.

In the words of Sea Change: "Craig sets out into the kelp forest to regain this connection to nature, find his spiritual freedom, and healing. When he meets his octopus teacher, she teaches him about her world. A place beyond magic into which he gets drawn completely. As much as his story is about octopus biology, it is equally the attempt to share our experiences with the broader world, and what it means to nurture and love that place of wildness in oneself. We are hoping that this can bring some nature reality back into the lives of all of us, and integrate more nature into the values of our society."

Photo (top right): Pippa Ehrlich


REACHING OUT: Craig Foster gets close to this amazingly sentient creature. Photo Tom Foster

"Our film is now just days away from its international release on Netflix. After four years shaping and editing the story, and many more years of learning about the environment, it almost seems hard to imagine that the time is almost here!"

"Over the past month, we were excited and incredibly honoured to be notified that My Octopus Teacher was nominated as finalist for 8 categories at the 2020 Jackson Wild Media Awards. We continue to be blown away by the critical response and feedback to our film, and so look forward to finally being able to share it with the public."


WATER HOUSING CALL: The film work was a literally a labour of love. Photo Craig Foster

The synopsis reads: "In 2010, debilitated by adrenal fatigue, Craig began free diving in a freezing underwater forest at the tip of Africa. As the icy water re-energised him, he started to film his experiences and in time, a curious young octopus captured his attention. By visiting her den and tracking her movements every day for months, he won the animal’s trust and they developed an unlikely relationship.

"As the little octopus shared the secrets of her world, Craig became witness to the beauty and drama of a wild creature’s life and in the process, underwent an incredible mental and physical transformation.

"In partnership with Off The Fence /ZDF Enterprises, My Octopus Teacher took ten years to make. The team also includes cinematography by acclaimed underwater cameraman Roger Horrocks (BBC Blue Planet II) and is Executive Produced by Ellen Windemuth."


Frida Berning
0 #1 the film...Frida Berning 2020-09-09 12:40
I´ve seen your film...it was a fantastic experience. Thank you very much
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