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Thu, 31 May 2018

Spike talks tongue in cheek to the feisty founder of the nascent Neoexpressionist Surfpunk art movement taking off at Muizenberg on Saturday as part of the Logjam Surf Festival.


ART WORK: To be auctioned silently at the Logjam this weekend. Design by Spike

BlueMambaCoverAndy Mason, aka N.D. Mazin, is probably the father of the underground comic movement in South Africa. If you think that's exaggerating, speak to Jonathan Shapiro, aka Zapiro, who will put you straight.

Anyway, since N.D. Mazin moved to the (mighty mouse) (by the mountain) town of Muizenberg a few years ago from Durban (where he gained international recognition for his sardonic, ironic, cynical, not-necessarily anthropomorphic commentary on the corporateness of capitalist cannabilism called The Legend of Blue Mamba in which corporates literally steal a face to use as the 'face' of their 'branding'), Mason has immersed himself in community-driven endeavour.

PS To be regarded as a underground father of comic art, you can be sure he did not gain international recognition at all. However, he has hosted, curated or assisted numerous platforms for local art, notably at the Hive in Palmer Road, the epi-centre of the creative hub of inner Muizenberg, and HQ to the Muizenberg Festival.marty-andy-serge

COLOUR SWIRLS: Marty Lund, N.D. Mazin and Serge One Love. Photos supplied

nicklangeHis latest project is to find a proper home to Cape Town surf artists (by this he means people who surf and make art - unlike other art projects that just make art on surfboards). He's also made another small tweak. Proceeds from the auction will go to a different kind of ocean charity: the artists. Because most live on the whiff of a linseed-soaked oil paint rag, he thought it was a noble, socially conscionable thing to do.

The first point of call for this revolutionary way of artistic thought: the Unconventional Surf Festival coming up this weekend, otherwise known as the LogJam, which is hosted by African Soul Surfer.

Pull in to #logjamZA with your single fin log or skateboard or just you to enjoy the 2018 festivities where in addition to the surf art, there's lots happening, in fact "lank stuff is happening," says co-founder Jamie Nye, the surf slang slipping sweetly off his tongue.

As Andy says, with typical wit: "Many strange and inspiring things have come out of the Cape Peninsula’s Deep South (not to be confused with its polar opposite, the US Deep South) but few are likely to put as wide a smile on your face as the launch of the Neoexpressionist Surfpunk art movement at Logjam, the Unconventional Surf Festival, at Muizenberg’s Surfers Corner this Saturday."

He says that an assemblage of eight remarkable surfboards by eight authentic Cape Town surfer artists – Seekoevlei’s Adam Carnegie, Kom hellman Chip Snaddon, Scarborough hermit Chris Brehem, Maak Surfboards’ irrepressible frother Marti Lund, Muizenberg’s ageing underground cartoonist N.D. Mazin, digital punker Nick L’Ange (board on the right), legendary graf maestro Serge One Love and Wavescape founder and manic adventurer Steve Pike (Spike) - will be overlooking SA’s most populous surf break with “kiff surf!” coming through (according to predictions by effervescent co-organiser Liam Bulgen).


FOURSOME: Spike, Nick L'Ange, Chris Brehem and Adam Carnegie. Photos supplied

"The show is a celebration of the authentic surfer artist, whose two principal ambitions – to make art and go for a surf – come together in the symbolic adornment of these (mostly upcycled) waveriding vehicles in a mesmerising intermesh of salty philosophy, pro-planet agitprop and neoexpressionist surfpunk aesthetics."

Apart from a degree in linguistic flaggelation, you also need a serious injection of some other form of syllabic virtuosity to grasp what the hell he is on aboutThis is quintessential N.D. Mazin. Apart from a degree in linguistic flaggelation, you also need a serious injection of some other form of syllabic virtuosity to grasp what the hell he is on about. What we do know is that the surfboards will be on sale by silent auction on Saturday and will thereafter hang until 15 June in the bar lounge area at African Soul Surfer Backpackers.

Also on display are original surfer art works and lots of signed and numbered art prints at accessible prices, as well as a public trash sculpture made by Chip Snaddon, into which members of the public may symbolically acknowledge "their complicity in the plastic death chain by inserting pieces of plastic trash into the sculpture".

Outraged? Go look in your kitchen and prove therein lies not one piece of plastic. "Plastic trash will be provided from the beach clean-up, happening from 10am-12 noon on the day, organised by The Beach Co-Op, an activist group dedicated to eradicating single-use plastics."

The Logjam comprises the Logjam Showcase #mainevent, Anything But 3 #expressionsession, Surf Market #localgoods, Skate Jam #muizenbergskatepark, Green Event #justleavefootprints, Surf Therapy #sharingthestoke, Yoga #yogaforsurfers, Surf Art #surfermadeart and the Log Jol #afterparty.

Check out the Logjam on Facebook here or check out their website www.log-jam.co.za


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