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Tue, 6 June 2017

Steady as she goes! But ghosts, grems and oompa loompas don't live in Wavescape at all, writes Spike, who finds what caused the "run for your life" inserts in the 70ft data for tomorrow.


Actually, the being who coded the formula was not a little gremlin, ghost or oompa loompa. It was a very human-like man by the name of Steven Weiss, a Cape Town surfer also known for his work on the original ASP to Go mobile app.

In the dark arts of coding Yesterday I got a What's App from Steven saying: "I see the models hit my "Run for your life" piece of code. I never thought it would ever get there."

The thing is, there is a place beyond a certain level of possibility in the dark arts of coding, when things reach the threshold of the previously thought impossible, or mathematically highly improbable. So they start making jokes. I think that sometimes, humour is a way to counteract the mind-numbing, brain-sapping and insanity-inducing processes of many hackers, coders and the like.


"I had to put something down for 60ft plus, so in typical programmer manner, I added something funny. Normally I will put in a line like "Hellow World". In this case "Goodbye World" would probably be more appropriate," he explained.

Anyway, today the Tuesday before the storm hits, we got no less than four Run for Your Life entries in the surf report page for Cape Town. That's because, as Steven explains: "It's peaking at 69 feet at Cape Point tomorrow at 17h00. Think its the period factored into the formula that is producing large large forecasts. The open ocean swell is 9.5m with a 17 second period."

"Gonna be crazy."

We have heard from the weather man, the surf forecaster, the armchair expert and even the Premier of the Western Cape Helen Zille.

But now the coder has spoken. Be afraid. Be very afraid.rain-wed-morning2-June7-2017

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN: Peak rain right over the dams. Let it rain. Photo Windy

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