Sun, 30 August 2009

Mossel Bay surfer dies in Shark Attack at Glentana bay.

Mossel Bay local surfer Gerhard van Zyl died this weekend after being attacked by an unidentified species of shark at Glentana Bay, close to Mossel bay.

Van Zyl was surfing at Glentana Bay with a friend at around 15:00 on Saturday the 29th of August when the attack took place. The Shark bit his leg off above the knee during the attack, and Van Zyl was helped to the beach by his friend, who applied a tourniquet to his leg while they waited for assistance. Authorities soon after the attack and Van Zyl was airlifted to a hospital in George. Unfortunately despite the medical teams best efforts, he was declared dead shortly after arrival at the hospital.

According to Southern Cape Surfing chairman Mike Sheppard, this is the first recorded shark attack at Glentana bay, which is becoming a popular surf spot.

“It is an active stretch of beach. Surfers are making use of it more and more, but this is the first we've heard of a shark attack there.” Sheppard said.

Sheppard also said the event had saddened the local surfing community,

“Everyone's emotional, it's a very sad day for us. You have lots of people surfing here each day and this really hits home for us.” He said.

Condolences have gone out to the Van Zyl Family from the local surfing community.

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