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Tue, 11 June 2019

Surf travel guru Greg Bertish is on a family adventure to Indo, starting with the obligatory resort stay on the Bukit Peninsula overlooking epic surf. Here's Part 1 of his Indo Diaries.


WELCOME TO BALI: Sugar rush and lack of sleep turns kids into little terrors. Photo Bertish

We have embarked on a month-long family Indo adventure across the islands starting in Bali, and then we will head east to the other islands on planes, cars, ferries, scooters and even water buffalo. Let the adventure begin :)

We arrived on the weekend in Bali, that bustling crazy island in southern Indonesia. The kids were on that sugar-induced buzz, fuelled even further by lack of sleep. But a bit of a rest as we nestled in at our cliff-top lodge on the Bukit peninsula over-looking the surf gave us the respite we needed.

IMG 2280

FLOW RIM: You can surf proper waves, or fun beginner waves, it's up to you. Photo Bertish

My wife, Tracy, and the two terrors were straight into the water in 2-3 feet reeling perfection yesterday with a bunch of other families and people learning to surf.

It was amazing to be out of the Cape Town winter for a while and to be enjoying warm and tropical water, followed by Mie Goreng and smoothies, watched by those cheeky and ubiquitious Balinese monkeys in the trees. They even came to visit the flow rim pool! Monkey sea. Monkey do.

In my next blog, I'm afraid dad is going to be sampling a few heavier waves. Watch this space.


MONKEY SEA: Monkeys are all over the place in Bali, especially around Uluwatu. Photo Bertish


The biggest hassle about surf travel is trying to fit everyone's needs into one trip. Everyone wants to surf different kinds of waves. Some don't surf. Some want to snorkel or go whale watching or take cultural tours. Luxury is nice some times, but not all. A pondok with wooden rafters and palm roof is can also be kiff. A swimming pool for some, good fishing for others. Good food, or massages on tap? Some don't want surf at all.

But how do you find these all-in-one places without wasting tons of cash and time? Greg Bertish has come up with a cool idea. He offers special consultancy packages (by email, phone call or face to face or combinations thereof) and if you book through True Blue Travel, he will waive the fee.

Wavescape and the Surf Travel Guru are giving readers 10% off all consultancy packages. Click here and insert WAVESCAPE in coupon field at checkout, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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