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Sun, 30 April 2017

Thomas King (WP) and Christy Gilmour (KZN) were the standouts at the SA Longboarding Champs in Durban after winning two titles each. Spike spoke to Contest Director Ann Wright.


WINNERS: The KZN team before the event started. Photo Courtesy Dawn Rouse

An unwelcome NE onshore has howled all week, but instead of ruining it for the competitors, it levelled the playing fields and made everything pull out all the tricks to survive in the competition.

In fact, according to Contest Director Ann Wright, everyone was absolutely ripping: "Big scores have been going down throughout the week. On the men's side, standouts have been Brad Weare, Steven Sawyer and Thomas King," she said. King won the Senior Men and Open Men divisions in a smooth and stylish combination of new and old school surfing.SA-LongboardingChamps-2017--002

LONG SHOT: A classic log can be used in a major longboard competition right? Photo Craig Dove

"A young lady to watch out for Christy Gilmour. She won the Open ladies and U18 division as well as Surfer of the Contest," Wright said.

A pesky High pressure system has been sitting east of the country and has not budged, resulting in a six-day blast of NE onshore. The contest finished today, with KZN taking honours in the provincial team rankings.SA-LongboardingChamps-2017--046

SMOOTH MOVE: The surfer perspective looking towards the city. Photo Craig Dove

Team results
KZN 140653
WP  108835
EP   89250
SC   53103

George Bunting (WP)
Chris Morris (KZN)
Mike Patto (KZN)
Dave Lipschitz (EP)

Sheri-Lee Bilson (KZN)
Therese Russell (WP)
Lynn Robinson (EP)
Charmaine Adams (WP)

Grand Kahunas
Grant Gilmour (KZN)
Dave Jennings (KZN)
Craig Daniel (KZN)
Rory Stander (KZN)

Dave McGregor (EP)
Murray Niven (KZN)
Wayne Bradfield (KZN)
Rob Clark (KZN)

Barry Campbell (KZN)
Dave v Berg (KZN)
Mark van Straaten (KZN)
Gavin Seaman (EP)

Brandon Ribbink (KZN)
Paul O' Connell (WP)
Chris Poseman (WP)
Waldo de Kock (WP)

Brad Weare (KZN)
Gregg Clarke (EP)
Lat Munay (KZN)
Johnno Marais (EP)

Seniors Men
Thomas King (WP)
Michael Hill (EP)
Waar Brods (KZN)
Rory Kilmartin (KZN)

Senior Ladies
Nix Bezuidenhout (Eden)
Angela Craemal (WP)
Tasha Mentasti (Eden)
Diony Lalieu (WP)

Open Men
Thomas King (WP)
Brad Weare (KZN)
Steven Sawyer (EP)
Sam Christensen (KZN)

Open Ladies
Christy Gilmour (KZN)
Tarryn King (WP)
Chrystal Hulett (KZN)
Kay Holt (WP)

U18 Girls
Christy Gilmour (KZN)
Rachel Wood (KZN)
Brittany Gad (Eden)
Zoe Smith  (EP)

U18 Boys
Tristan Lev (WP)
Reece Stiemans (Eden)
Declan Bradfield (KZN)
Cout Venter (EP)

U16 Boys
Ryan Lightfoot (EP)
Fabian Marais (KZN)
Kola Cohen (WP)
Jake Schoeman (WP)

U16 Girls
Courtney Sim (KZN)
Caroline Brown (WP)
Angelica Schon (WP)
Kelly Medley (EP)

U14 Boys
Kyle McGregor (EP)
Ben Ribbink (KZN)
Noah Whittle (Eden)
Sam Daniel (KZN)


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