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sharkattack 620-thFri, 11 October 2013

A man swimming off Surfers' Point, Jeffreys Bay, has died in a shark attack. Eye witnesses claim the man was bitten in two and died instantly. The NSRI confirmed that remains of a body has been retrieved.


sharkattack 620Craig Lambinon from the NSRI confirmed to Wavescape that a fatal attack had taken place at Point to a snorkeller, and that they were on the scene. See their press statement below.

A resident said he spoke to a member of the Supertubes Foundation, who said the victim was a swimmer with a blue bathing cap. He was apparently swimming close to the rocks, when a single, large shark attacked him and pulled him out to deeper water. A local surfer, Terry Olivier, was out on his sea kayak paddling from the Kabeljous side lower down the point when he apparently saw the man lying with his head down in the water.

Terry saw the shark, which he said was longer than his kayak. He tried to retrieve the body but the shark did not let go. He hit it with his oars, but it kept coming back.

According to some witnesses, the shark was mistaken for two sharks because the distance between tail and back fin was so long. The NSRI raced to the scene and apparently circled the remains on jetskis to guard over the victim's remains until they could get a body bag.

Resident Paul van Jaarsveld said: "We are all in shock. I was about to get in the water to shoot a fish for lunch."

There were two snorkellers and a few surfers out in the water, apparently oblivious to the incident, which was seen from the shore by several bystanders.

The NSRI sent out this official release:

At approximately 11h30 (Friday, 11 October) NSRI Jeffreys Bay volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following reports of a shark incident at Lower Point, next to Albatros Beach, Jeffreys Bay.

NSRI Jeffreys Bay volunteer sea rescue duty crew launched 2 sea rescue craft and the SA Police Services responded

On arrival on-scene remains of a body, believed to be those of an adult male, have been recovered from the water and handed into the care of the Police and the Forensic Pathology Services.

It appears, according to eye-witness reports, that the as yet unidentified male victim had been snorkeling at the time of the incident.

Police are investigating.


leslie edgar
0 #74 masterleslie edgar 2013-10-22 13:31
Haha that is funy well at least we can agree that the statistics are correct. However you do asume much... but either way you are right I do...
+2 #73 leslie edgarmaster 2013-10-22 12:27
Yes edgar you are absolutely right,I am insulting your intelligence,not you!When it comes to facts,your statistics are right on the money xse!People like you(shark hugging gayanist hippies) amuse me not shark killings.What about the poor victim and his family!
The sad fact is that you too living in your fancy house shopping at woolies and drinking valpre out a plastic bottle 8) contribute to all the crap in the ocean,wake up and smell the rooi ass!

My real name is graig morgan but you can call me master! 8)
leslie edgar
-3 #72 #masterleslie edgar 2013-10-21 21:42
Dont be so feeble minded. How witless are you? Your argument is purely based on insulting me or my intelligence. Come up with a fact based argument as to why the shark should be killed or enlighten us to how you will find this shark or how you can garantee its the actual shark that attacked at point? Your amusement at how many sharks humans kill just proves how sad the situation is. but by all means insult me all you like. Im not hiding behind a nickname...

but incase anyone would like first hand accounts of what our oceans look like read this and tell me this doesnt make any ocean user feel sad....

0 #71 leslie edgarmaster 2013-10-21 13:29
o ya and sharks migrate every couple of days or so,haha :D
+2 #70 leslie edgarmaster 2013-10-21 13:25
just got an update from Nat Geo Wild.There is now about 500 BILLION! sharks being killed each year by the evil humans!
+3 #69 leslie edgarmaster 2013-10-21 13:19
hundred MILLION sharks,hahah.leslie you have been watching to much Nat Geo wild!And while I do take some serious ouma "Rusks" every time I enter the ocean,unlike you that watch to much tv,it doesnt mean I have to accept my fate like a little defenseless angelfish .And it's actually quite easy to find a 7m big man eating shark,like the well known shark OUPA at Mosselbay.Keep on betting leslie,or maybe go out there and find out for yourself...
leslie edgar
-3 #68 LREleslie edgar 2013-10-20 13:50
Well if you want to add to the hundred million sharks humans kill every year tgen by all means but while its still iligal to kill a great white debate all you want and if you dont want to risk being attacked by a shark dont enter their teritory. Otherwise its one of the rusks that get associated with surfing. As well as how exactlty do you propose tracking down the guilty shark? I bet there are a number of great whites in the area at any given time. Plus they migrate large distances so that shark could be anywhere.

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