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Thu, 10 May 2018

What's a NBD? you ask. Never Been Done before bru! Ace snowboarder Mark McMorris adds another NBD to his quiver of tricks, this time a a backside double cork 1170 off of a rail.

McMorris is quite good at the old NBD. The triple cork 1440 that everyone is doing now? That's his. His latest first-ever - deemed impossible after he almost died in a crash early last year in the Whistler back country - is an exclamation point on a season that defined his resilience to adversity.

After deeming the trick possible, McMorris worked with legendary terrain park builder Charles Beckinsale to make the right feature for the trick a reality at Corvatsch 3303 in Switzerland. The result was a hulking cannon rail designed to give the height and distance necessary to muscle around every degree of the double cork 1170 out of the rail.

The trick was performed as part of a larger project featuring Craig McMorris and Judd Henkes to be released later this year. His Brother Craig and Henkes watched on as Mark completed the stunt.

McMorris, 24, has seven Winter X Games golds, six silvers and three bronzes while he also bounced back from injury to grab slopestyle bronze in PyeongChang.

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