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If you would like to help during lockdown (signing a petition to surf does not count), here are key projects - including one in Elands Bay - that are helping our community cope with the crisis.


LEFT IN THE LURCH: If you want to surf this wave again, you have to donate at links below. biggrin

Many of us are desperate to surf. Some are concerned that there might be a queue at Woolies. Some fret about how many beers are left. Well, here's a distraction for you. Forget the conspiracy theories and the endless debates going on and on on Social Media. Let's help fellow South Africans survive the Covid-19 lockdown. Here is how. The choice is yours! Choose the one (or three) closest to your heart.



The Southern Lodestar Foundation feeds more than 20,000 children but has the capacity to scale this to a million kids via a recently launched crowdfunding campaign. More than six million South African children are hungry daily, many receiving their only food at school. With schools shut due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the country’s most vulnerable are getting hit the hardest. For a mere R1.30, Southern Lodestar can produce, sanitise and deliver a meal to a child. This crowdfunding project has no operational costs, 100% of donations go to food. The specialized nutritional porridge is 100% locally sourced, farmed and produced. With the backing of SPAR group’s national distribution network and the database of the Department of Education, food can be safely and securely delivered to the areas of most need, with all COVID-19 precautions in place. This is a call to ensure our children are fed during this unprecedented time. Click here




littleop-snapscanWith the Covid-19 lockdown, activities that sustain the community – crayfish, fishing, potato farming and surfing – are severely limited, eliminating the livelihood of many local families in Elands Bay. For a surfing connection to a specific locale, consider supporting this one.

The Little Optimist Trust, in collaboration with the Elands Bay Environmental and Development Action Group (EBEDAG), 9 Miles Project, surfing families, local police and community leaders, have been feeding local families. The drive has raised more than R50,000, with many donations coming from surfers - those who live and those who have surfed here. The money will be spent on two rounds of food hampers to feed 100 or more families for a month, including the delivery of Easter eggs for the town’s children. Any remaining funds will go to the local school's feeding scheme. Donate via Snap scan above and reference it EBAY + YOUR NAME or go to www.thelittleoptimisttrust.org/donate/



nicky-newmanArmed with the correct papers, photographer Nicky Newman has been out and about in Cape Town to capture the lockdown in pictures (above). Along the way, she has come across many people in desperate need of food, medication, asthma pumps, baby food, and airtime, for example. The homeless - including the recently homeless - are no longer being moved to Strandfontein as winter looms, and the situation is dire in the inner city. This is close to home for Cape Town folk, and zeroes in a demographic that is falling through the cracks.

"In many cases I’m the first person they see who is not a cop, soldier, guard or cleaner. There might be social workers around, but in all the time I’ve been on the streets, I’ve not seen anyone. I don't want to go into grizzly details but I'm encountering many people, especially women, who are in extremely hectic circumstances, and are even more vulnerable than before," she says. Nicky has been doing what she can, with her neighbourhood and friends donating money for food parcels "but the need is great and now extending beyond my means". Nicky is on a few groups who are co-ordinating donations and feeding efforts. What she can't distribute herself, she channels to them. The rand is so weak to overseas currencies that any foreign currency will go a long way. Donate at her Snapscan above (South Gallery).



9MilesProject-logo-refresh Jan2017This non-profit organisation was founded in Cape Town in 2013 by Nigel Savel. The project already works with youth in coastal informal settlements and provides mentorship and support to the at-risk youth in the areas of Cape Town, Elands Bay, and St Francis Bay. With Headquarters at Strandfontein Pavilion, Cape Town, the project is a haven and refuge for youth who have very few positive role models in their lives. The Covid-19 pandemic has put immense pressure on poor communities to survive. Even before the crisis hit South Africa, 66,8% of children under 17 live in poverty (www.africacheck.org). Nigel and his team are a good choice to support as they are passionate, committed and local, and they have the systems already in place to act.

BANK NAME: Standard Bank
ACC NAME: Nine Miles Project
ACC NO. : 303134275
BRANCH: Cape Gate Branch




The PayFast Cause Directory is a list of charities that use PayFast to accept donations. Here you can safely and securely make charitable online donations.



Two JBay surfers do not want their community to go hungry so they decided to start a funding campaign. The 35 day lockdown has forced all non-essential businesses to close and left thousands of wage earners in Jbay without income. Most live on the poverty line and survive on a day-to-day basis. They live in single-room shacks made from scrap metal, old wooden planks and old sign boards with no running water or toilets and housing about 4-6 people. After a visit to the informal settlement yesterday (14 April) and seen first hand how families commit to eat only every 2nd or 3rd day to survive (mainly a fist size portion of simple starch), they have committed to raise money towards purchasing food and distributing it to those most in need.

CLICK HERE to support.



Formed by the South African Government, this fund will support what the public sector is doing, such as efforts to combat the spread of the virus, help track the spread, care for those who are ill and support those whose lives are disrupted. Click here to see the excellent work they are doing, or donate here:

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch name: Sandton City
Branch code: 051001
Account name: Solidarity Fund
Account number: 023070021
Account type: Current account

The fund will operate a call centre for donors, between 08:00 and 18:00, on 0860 001 001 and can be emailed on info@responsefund.co.za. You can also add a donation to the fund with your purchase at any Checkers till point around the country.



ACFSPlease help the ACFS to help fellow South Africans suffering hardships during the lockdown. They normally take physical donations, but due to the lockdown, they urge people to donate on their website towards mealie meal, rice, tinned beef, tinned fish, baked beans, other proteins/ starches and cooking oil. They are also appealing for donations towards the cost of distributing the food parcels to minimise the movement of individuals as far as possible during the lockdown. Kindness and thoughtfulness towards one another is the only way to beat this pandemic. Click to donate

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