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Roxy Davis-1200-th

Wed, 24 January 2018

Roxy Davis is the last surfer standing at the ISA World Longboarding Championship in China, with all other surfers out and Team SA today plunging from 3rd to 8th, reports Spike.

RSA Roxy_Davis_Tim_Hain1

ONE LEFT: Roxy Davis will contest Repercharge 4 on the final day tomorrow. Photo ISA / Hain

Day 4 dawned with Davis (CT) and Sam Christianson (DBN) still in the game, with the chance to crack on and accumulate more points in the event at Riyue Bay, Hainan Island, where 71 surfers from 22 nations have been competing. The forecast was good, with a slight increase in swell that led a lay day to be called yesterday in anticipation of a fitting final two days of the event, with the finale set for tomorrow.

Other Open Men's member Alfonzo Pieters (CT) was gone, and so was Open Women Christy Gilmour (DBN). However, the promising run for the remaing two sufers went a bit pearshaped. Christianson got 4th in his heat of Round 3 and was relegated to the Repercharge, but instead of a top two finish to advance, he scored a 4th there as well, and is officially out of the contest. Davis followed in similar vein. She got 4th in her Round 3 heat and was relegated to the Repercharge, but has still to surf it.

RSA Sam_Christiansen_Sean_Evans

LAST MAN OUT: Two consecutive 4ths saw Sam Christianson bow out. Photo ISA / Evans

The good news is that this heat (Repercharge 4) will take place tomorrow, when the swell should be bigger, potentially a clean 2-4'. Davis is a wily veteran and no stranger to pressure. The heat will be pretty much a quarter-final, with the top two of four going to Repercharge 5, which is a "semi-final" that decides the two finalists to go into the event final for Open Women.

Davis faces a stiff challenge, with an in-form group of star surfers in Repercharge 4: Chloe Calmon (BRA), Emily Currie (ENG) and Rachael Tilly (USA).

The hiccup for Team SA today saw them drop five places after starting Day 4 in third place behind the USA and Australia. Now, England, Hawaii, Peru, Argentina, and Japan have moved ahead. A medal by Davis should improve the rankings considerably but the USA and Australia, and possibly England, look to be the frontrunners for podium finishes.

USA Rachael_Tilly_Tim_Hain

TOUGH ASK: Rachel Tilly is one of all four USA surfers still in the mix. Photo ISA / Hain

Team USA lies in pole position. Despite losing Kevin Skvarna and Tony Silvagni to the Repecharge Rounds, both surfers were able to regain their composure and advance in the competition, making USA the last team to have all four competitors remaining in the event, and the favourite for a gold medal.

A key moment for Team USA occurred during the Men’s Repecharge Round 5. USA’s Tony Silvagni had failed to advance. However, Peru’s Lucas Garrido committed a costly mistake while paddling back out to the lineup. He interfered with Australia’s William Crowe, and his second highest score was halved. This enabled Silvagni to advance to keep USA’s place on top of the leaderboard.

In the Women’s Repecharge Round 3, China’s Guo Shujuan bowed out, ending her historic run after she became the first Chinese competitor to win a heat in a major ISA event.

The 2018 ISA World Longboard Surfing Championship will be streamed live on www.isaworlds.com  from January 19-25.

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