Fri, 17 April 2020

Heavyweight input from Jordy Smith, Matt McGillivray and other surfers has raised almost R200k for a fund to feed JBay residents struggling to survive the Covid-19 lockdown.


PAY IT FORWARD: Emi Erickson is one of many from far and wide who are helping. Photo WSL

The Lets Feed JBay fund, which was formed by a group of local surfer friends - including Chokka Trahms, Dylan Lightfoot, Remi Peterson and Stevie Sawyer - was launched three days ago. Jordy Smith has thrown his weight behind it - along with Championship Tour debutant Matt McGillivray - and the numbers have surged with foreign currency flooding in.

At the time of posting, the amount raised had reached R172,000. "Our goal is to keep 4 000 people fed for the next 21 days. We have already procured enough funds (at the time of their post it was R130,000) to feed 2400 people for seven days but will continue to push until everyone can be fed."

Former CT surfer Mick Fanning, frequent visitor to Supers, has put R5,000 into the fund. The one ironic benefit of the weak rand is that money from overseas donors gets a heck of a lot more bang for the buck. The US dollar is at R18,72.


SOCIAL INFLUENCE: Jordy Smith has helped attract a surge in donations for the fund. Instagram

Other notable contributions come from Cape Town surfer Rory Antrobus (R5000), JBay local Lyle Meek (R1000) and Johnny Kessel (R1000). A number of anonymous donations were also made, with many apparently from previous visitors to the area, from locals, as well as South African expats living overseas.

Contributions also came from big wave surfer and frequent visitor to South Africa Emily Erickson, who has made it the link in her bio, and former South African resident and WSL commentator Rosy Hodge.

Click here to please make your donation, or here for a choice of causes.

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