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Thu, 17 January 2013

We have just received photos of a surfer almost drowning another in a surf rage incident up the West Coast the day before New Year's Eve. Witnesses say it was gnarly.

dMG_5810A recent near-drowning took place at a left pointbreak up the West Coast the day before New Year’s Eve. An anonymous reader sent in these photos showing a surfer gripping another in a neck lock and repeatedly dunking him in the water until he was on the verge of passing out.

‘The guy could easily have died. Luckily another guy intervened, and he let go. It was homicidal. The bald guy in the photo said he would kill his victim’s family, but swiftly departed the beach after the incident,’ said the reader, who said the victim did not want to press charges because he was afraid of reprisals.


Steve Pike
+48 #222 Steve Pike 2013-01-20 11:47
Okay guys. I think everyone has had their platform to vent, and this comments function is going to be switched off now. However, some clarity is needed about why we decided to post these photos. It's simple: the public's right to know. I have never met the person in the photo. There were only two paragraphs because that was the only information we had at the time. It's easy to shoot the messenger too. But think about it: how easy is it to pass judgment when you have the knowledge of hindsight? I have been amazed at the massive outpouring from the surfing community. It obviously struck a nerve, and appears to be a discussion that needs to be aired. There was the usual boring vitriol, the expletives and name-calling hiding behind anonymity. Sad to see how vindictive some people were, and how far, in some ways we are to proper reconciliation. On the other hand, more overpowering was the sense that people really care, and are prepared to engage with each other positively and intelligently so that we can move forward, not back. The original post was simply that, a post. It was never intended to be an 'article' as some people are calling it. An article suggests journalism. This was posted as a courtesy to the surfing community, that's all. However, having said that, now that it is in the public domain, it DOES become a story that deserves some form of journalistic treatment. Rasool DOES deserve the right to reply, and we are endeavouring to get in touch to hear his side of the story. That's only fair. To everyone, thanks to those who made constructive comments. We live in a multi-cultural society and we need to respect each other, our belief structures, our religions, our allegiances. There is still a lot of hurt, and we can't deny it or be so cynically dismissive of it. Like it or not, it still hangs over us. It still lurks there. We need extra doses of goodwill and tolerance. That is the tenet the new SA is built on, but we have a generation or two to go before the bad memories and the kak karma starts to fade. Yours in Surfing, Steve Pike
+18 #221 katom 2013-01-20 10:21
The dude knows he is being crucified for his behavior and where, yet he chooses to remain silent and not set the record straight amongst his peers.

That tells the story.
Bluff,Garvies Local,
+12 #220 Bluff,Garvies Local, 2013-01-20 09:36
Rasool, You sound tired my friend and have forgotten that you are a small little fish in a big fish tank. Bru, what goes around comes around...... ! To be a local you need to know respect
+16 #219 Legal 2013-01-20 09:20
One last thing. Liscenced fire arm owners cannot brandish a weapon in the manner he is reported to have done. The individuals who were subjected to this need to report it. His Liscence will be revoked. Surely that is a sensible place to start. Disarm him.
+29 #218 Legal 2013-01-20 09:06
To the surfer who was attacked. Press charges. It's your duty. To yourself and to others. The line up does not make exclusions from the law with regards to aggravated assault / attempted murder. You have the photos and witnesses. Use them. If it doesn't help you, it may well help the next person - and there will be a next person. nothing like a formal track record.
+23 #217 Edd 2013-01-20 08:23
@ ragged: In what way is localism an "urban necessity"? Localism = hooliganism and has no place in surfing. I live on the Cape Peninsula and surf about 10 different spots regularly and make no claim to being a "local" at any of them. Waves are for all, and anybody that transgresses surfing etiquette is just as much an idiot as a queue jumper, bully, whatever in any other aspect of life. If you're in the line-up and wait for your wave, then you're up. Anybody paddling past you onto the inside or dropping in just because they're a "local" is an a..h..e, and I say this with the weight of 40 years surfing under my belt.
JJ de villiers
+10 #216 JJ de villiers 2013-01-19 22:32
Quoting Al Luke:
I'm sorry wavescape but this is a bull*&^#*+*! article! Maybe this guy is a douche but this story lacks some serious credibility being only 2 measly paragraphs long. Are you going to leave it like that?

I love surfing and always stick to the rules in the lineup but all this talk of Aloha is rubbish - surfing in SA is competitive no matter where you go with everybody wanting the best wave of the set.

The race card being thrown into the ring is off topic in the comments but don't be fooled people racism is still around in South African surfing.
sounds like you need a hug too???

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